20 Unique Baby Shower Games

20 Unique Baby Shower Games

If you haven’t yet found the world of fun that is baby showers then perhaps you haven’t yet found the right ideas to inspire you. Read on and cast your mind beyond what you already know. If you aren’t confident that you can do it the way you envision, enlist help! Two heads are better and one. Speak to friends and brainstorm ideas that way even if you do have ideas in mind that have been done before, you may find a unique twist that you would not have thought of before without your friend’s assistance.

For starters, you could try..

  1. The future baby card game. This is where you ask each person at the party to write a birthday card and baby will open one a year. You could bring an element of sensitivity to this one – maybe ask for a   personal message also in each card to share with baby.
  2. Blindfold diapering competition. Each take a diaper, a blind fold and baby doll and set a timer to see who can diaper the baby the fastest
  3. Try a show and tell game. Your guests could mime the cravings they had during pregnancy (or make something up)
  4. A one year baby bucket list is a nice idea – gather your shower friends and each write a list of 10 ideas to do with baby in the first year that are positive and life-affirming. Then whittle the ideas down until you have all agreed on the perfect 10!
  5. Guess the baby picture is always fun. You could get the guys in on this one too. The more the merrier. Gather a collection of baby photos and guess who is who
  6. Another one for the guys (yes! Include them) Guess the baby product. What it is and what it does. This will have them guessing for hours. Winner gets a fruity mocktail!
  7. The Price is Right shower game! Buy 10 or so baby items and grab some blank cards. On one side write the actual price, on the other side write a guess price. Whoever guesses closest to the actual price wins
  8. The name game – hand out blank cards and pens. Ask each person to write a nice name for baby using letters from mum and dad’s name. Best name wins!
  9. Jigsaw face. You will need lots of pieces of photos of mum and dad. Each guest will take a part of the photos and gradually one by one, on a piece of paper they will place a part of the photo ( i.e. – nose, eyes, forehead, hair) you could even make it last longer and take enlarged photocopies of the photos that could be actual size and use them. The idea is to place a part on a long, piece of blank paper, glue it, then turn it down so the next person cannot see it. At the end, you will have a complete person made out of pieces of mum and dad. It will look a bit crazy but that’s the fun. If you have fun doing this you could try it with photos of mum and dad when they were children – bring out the pics with the zany 70’s clothes, anything a little bit OTT that will be guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces. Want to take it further? Make other children out of the bits you have left behind!
  10. Find a really special (and sturdy) notebook. This will eventually become a prized possession because in it you are going to collect a pearl of wisdom from each person present about how to raise a child. It could be anything how to care for a child practically or how to cope when they are sad/angry etc. As long as it remains a positive intention this could remain a wonderful keepsake for later on.
  11. Diaper change – No, not the normal diaper change. This time you will take clean diapers and ask each guest to write an encouraging/funny/sweet message on it. So each time you go to change your baby you will see one of these messages and hopefully spur you on through those sleepless nights when the last thing you want to do is change a diaper!
  12. Get crafty – Buy some blank socks, onesies or bibs. Treat each guest to iron/sew on applique decorations, ready for them to create their own work of art, one of a kind onesie! One way to ensure your baby looks unique and original!
  13. Notes of love – These are a boon for parents in the first weeks when things can become a bit delicate. Ask each guest to write something nice on the note pad, then weeks after the birth mail them to the parents. What a lovely gesture to receive in the post.
  14. Sharing stories. Ask each guest to write down a memorable story from their childhood, be it funny, alarming, inspiring or scary. Then put the notes in a hat and each take a turn to pull a story out. Get each person to read a note and guess who the author is.
  15. This could cause conflict!  Get your baby shower invitees into groups, and each take baby doll. Each group selects from a collection of baby outfits for a made up occasion i.e. ‘party’ and dresses the child. This could be fun if men are in one corner and ladies in the other. See who can do it the fastest.
  16. The Pudding game can be fun. Get into couples, wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting too messy. Blindfold your teammate. With this you can either a) see who can feed their partner fastest. B) Try out different baby foods and see who can identify the most.
  17. Baby Tales. Take 30 baby related words and some non-baby related words like the names of birds or such. Then give each person or team 5 minutes to use each of the words to create a fun baby tale. This could create a lot of unusual stories!!
  18. Captions. Take a selection of photos of mom and dad when they were kids and enlarge them using a photocopier. Then ask each guest to write a funny caption underneath. See who can come up with the wittiest! If you like this you could really run with it and create a short story using captions.
  19. The icebreaker – If you have guests coming who do not know each other very well. Then ask them to take turns writing down unusual things or things they are proud of that they have done. Pass the notes to the Centre. Let each person take a turn reading one out. Each other person has to guess who the author may be!
  20. Guess the mommy craving. Each write down or say something like ‘orange’ or ‘sour’ and keep guessing at what the item could be! Winner gets to come up with a pregnancy craving all of their own!

So while the internet is one of the best sources of information to find a different baby shower game, the best rule to remember is to make it as unique as you are! There are no hard and fast rules, so take these ideas and make them your own!

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