A Coach Diaper Bag – Built To Last

A Coach Diaper Bag – Built To Last

Coach is known for style and quality and the Coach diaper bag is no exception in a world where there are a lot of designer diaper bag options available.

The company was founded back in 1941 in a Manhattan loft. This was a family run venture. All items created were done by hand. All leather goods were stitched using skills learned and passed down from generations before. The goal of the company from the beginning has always been to maintain the highest level of standards for materials and workmanship. This company has made a commitment to uphold a high level of quality and integrity and this is what defines the company still today.

This company has emerged as a leading designer with a superior product and superb quality. It is one of the most recognized accessory brands in the United States. It began with handbags and today has branched out. In addition to handbags, there are sunglasses, shoes, hats, scarves, watches and many more accessories available. All have the same quality and standards as the handbags.

Currently, there are over 900 stores in the United States. In addition to the stores, items can also be purchased at select department stores, specialty boutiques and online at the website. The U.S. makes up just about 75% of the business that the company does with Japan in second with 19% of the sales.

The company does have a few diaper bags available in this season’s line. The website has two currently available. They are a part of the Addison collection. The first is a black patent leather tote. It retails for $648. There are 2 long handles and one 46″ detachable strap. The top is a zip top closure and there are 4 outside pockets, one on each side. The inside lining is a custom fabric. This Coach diaper bag also comes with a baby changing pad. Black is the only color the patent leather Addison baby bag comes in.

The second Coach diaper bag in the Addison collection is the Op Art baby bag. It retails for $498. The outside has an op art “C” pattern fabric and the trim is in patent leather. The lining is a custom fabric lining. Like the patent leather, this one has a zip top closure and also has the surrounding pockets. It also comes with a baby changing pad and comes in two colors, black or pink.

In addition to the baby bag section, many of the company’s other products would work well as a diaper bag. The Tribeca totes are large, roomy totes and retail anywhere from $268 all the way up to $498. The Cambridge collection has a few cross body options that could double as a diaper bag. These can be purchased for $198. The signature totes are large and could handle anything that baby would require. They have the most options, fabric wise, available. There is the famous signature “C” pattern, patent leather, animal prints, silver or gold shimmer; there is a huge selection to pick from.

Another popular and exciting option is the Coach scribble diaper bag. There are a number of different options in this colorful and bright style and many samples both new and used can be found on eBay.

When choosing your diaper bag, be sure you are getting a true Coach. These products are only sold in stores, not from a street vendor, an individual or an at-home party. Be sure to check the C’s on the purse. True Coach’s have their C’s in pairs and will always be intact in the fabric and not cut off in the middle of the piece. All of the purses come with dust bag that is either tan or brown and has the company’s stamp. Getting a fake Coach diaper bag is always a let-down and disappointment no matter how good a price it was. If you’re really looking for a good deal on the genuine product, consider searching for a Coach outlet store near where you live.

Coach has a long history of excellent quality and craftsmanship. If you choose a Coach diaper bag, you will not be disappointed. It will last you longer than you ever thought possible.

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