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A Coach Diaper Bag – Built To Last

coach diaper bag

Coach is known for style and quality and the Coach diaper bag is no exception in a world where there are a lot of designer diaper bag options available. The company was founded back in 1941 in a Manhattan loft. This was a family run venture. All items created were done by hand. All leather goods were stitched using skills ... Read More »

Try High Chairs Baby Loves

high chairs baby

Finding high chairs baby will love can be a difficult task. Read on for tips on getting the right one for your toddler. One of the best inventions for parents is the high chair. Not only is it great for mom and dad it is good for the child. Just learning how to enjoy a meal at a table is ... Read More »

Tips on Finding the Right Baby Prams

baby pram

It can be a very hard task, picking a pram for your newborn. There is so much variety and choice available in baby prams, it takes careful consideration. Mother and baby magazines often carry features comparing prams, and all their features and functions, which can be very useful. A major point to consider when purchasing a pram is to find ... Read More »

Preparing for the New Baby with Newborn Baby Clothes

newborn baby clothes

Getting ready for a newborn to appear and come home from the hospital involves much groundwork and shopping for goods beforehand. New and seasoned parents alike become very anxious around the last few weeks of the pregnancy. This article gives tips on how to have suitable newborn baby clothes ready for when your bundle of joy is coming home for ... Read More »

Baby Booties are Warm, So Cute and Very Stylish

baby booties

Babies, particularly very young babies, have a hard time maintaining their own body temperatures. It is therefore vital to make sure that they are kept warm, particularly in cold weather areas. By the same token, you can’t pile them high with blankets at night as experts are of the opinion this could be one of the causes of SIDS. Bundling ... Read More »

How to Choose Baby Nursery Bedding

Your baby’s room is a special place. A place of security and rest for your new child. And somewhere that is a sanctuary for you both. You want this room to be comforting and attractive, and an important element for making it so, as a focal point of this space, is the baby nursery bedding. We recommend choosing the nursery ... Read More »

Baby Shower Gift – Some Great Tips

baby shower gift

The tradition of baby showers is long standing in the U.S. and is also becoming popular in other countries as well. The objective is to have an all-girl get-together and celebrate the new life which is about to enter the world, by giving the mom-to-be a baby shower gift. But what kind of gift should you buy and why? Let’s ... Read More »

Buying the Perfect Baby Bed

Baby Bed

The sleeping arrangements for babies are even more important than that of adults. Recent studies have suggested that a 1 month old baby will sleep for between 15 and 16 hours each day and by the time the baby is a year old, then they still require almost 14 hours. It is essential, therefore, to make sure you get the ... Read More »

Buying Baby Blankets

baby blankets

Keeping your baby warm and safe is an important part of being a parent. A significant factor is that your baby will likely spend around 14 hours each day sleeping. It is important to make sure that baby is comfortable, so consider a number of factors before purchasing baby blankets. The correct material is one important aspect. The best choice ... Read More »

Top 3 Considerations for a Diaper Bag

diaper bag

A diaper bag is one of the most essential baby items you’ll need in your parenting arsenal. Not only does it carry diapers for use on the road, but it also provides storage for bottles, snacks, toys, extra clothes and your own personal belongings. There are many different baby diaper bags for purchase out there. And you may be overwhelmed ... Read More »