Baby Bibs for the Everyday Toddler

Baby Bibs for the Everyday Toddler

When you think of babies you think of cuteness. But you may also think of messes. Especially if you are a parent you know what it is like to have a little one around – the messes can add up. Baby bibs add to the cute and clean up the mess.

Babies eat, sleep, cry and drool. It is an adorable factor, but also a chore for a parent to keep up with. Having an everyday bib for your child can help in many areas in addition to meal time.

Baby bibs are great for meal time. They can protect from infancy where breast milk or formula can leak onto your child’s clothing and you. It is made of absorbent materials to soak up stains and keep them protected from not only spills but the smell of dirt that newborn baby clothing can emit.

There are also plastic baby bibs for older children that are practically bullet proof. You can put these beauties on and it is like a force field that cannot be penetrated. There are great when babies are learning to feed themselves and may not have the best aim. When your toddler is finished you can hose off the bib in the sink and it is ready to go for next time.

There are also disposable baby bibs that can be purchased. These work well for travel as they can be conveniently thrown away when finished using. This way you do not have to worry about where to wash them as they begin to smell from the material that is on them. Most are durable and come in cute designs for boys and girls.

Cloth baby bibs are the most normal and can come in all sorts of designs and shapes. You can get a set of inexpensive ones at your local grocery store or pay more for a couture designer bib from baby shops. They make a statement of who your baby is.

They can also make a statement about who the parent is as well (or the person who gave the bib to them). Funny sayings like ‘spit happens’ and other puns can often by found on an unsuspecting baby across the country. If you have a funny saying about a baby it is most likely to be found on a bib.

Or you can make your own personalized statement on a bib. Many companies can make about any saying, monogram or picture and put it on a bib. Many malls across America have such a store or you can look online. Some stores have newborn baby clothes as well that come with matching baby bibs for the outfit and that is a fun baby shower gift as well for a new parent.

Baby bibs are great for everyday wear around the clock for an infant who is teething. With teething comes drool, a lot of it. You can protect your child’s clothing from all of the excess drool and have them wear a bib. It is easy for the parent or caregiver as well to wipe up a mouth with the bib quickly.

Have fun and make a statement with baby bibs. You can be pristine or get funky with the look of your child’s bib accessories. There are many options to choose from and you can even find people who make them themselves by sewing them.

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