Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

A baby shower is the perfect way for friends and family to get together and celebrate the exciting news that you are having a baby. Whether it is a small, intimate party or a large gathering for everyone, there are numerous decoration ideas. There are several things that you need to consider when planning the party including your budget.

As with all decorations you can easily get carried away, and you need to consider the style of the baby shower. Even a small budget can create the ultimate decorations with some imagination and help from friends. You also need to think about your overall taste as this will influence the style of decorations that are used on the day.

The first thing that you need to do is decide who is hosting the baby shower, and although as an expectant mother you will want to get involved, remember it can be hard work. You are likely to have a long list of friends and family members that would love to organize the party on your behalf. Make sure that you are involved, but with suggestions rather than the full organization.

Once you have decided who is taking on the responsibility of organizing the baby shower, the fun can begin. You may want to choose a theme for the party, and this can be numerous different ideas. If you know what sex the baby is going to be, the obvious theme is either pink or blue. This allows the whole baby shower to be based around one color.

There are classic themes that have been used time and time again with immense success, and although you may think these are outdated, they can be brought into modern times. Nursery rhymes, Winnie the Pooh and fairy tales are all classic themes that offer endless decoration ideas. You could also theme the party around baby utensils, bottles and even hand prints.

If you prefer unique ideas, polka dots are excellent, and can help to decorate the baby shower at a low cost, with excellent results. Rubber ducks are another fun idea and can be perfect to decorate with. You may also want to theme the baby shower on the expectant mum rather than anything baby related. This is a modern alternative that allows the day to be even more unique and personal.

For expectant mums of twins or triplets, you can base the baby shower on the peas in a pod concept, with all decorations being in pairs or triplets. The color can be anything and the decorations unique as people will love the twist on the number of babies that are arriving. With the theme set, you or your organizer can begin planning.

Invitations may seem like an old fashioned thing to do, and texts and emails may be quicker, but they are less personal. If you are creative, you may want to make your own invitations that match the decorations. Purchasing the invitations can be done easily, and there are numerous choices available in the shops.

There are no rules when you want to decorate for the baby shower, and you can do as little or as much as you want. Once you have the person organizing the party, and have chosen the theme, you need to set the budget. Although you want a fantastic baby shower, be realistic regarding how much you have to spend.

Low budget baby showers can be just as much fun, and if everyone joins in with the decorations it will look fantastic. There are numerous cost effective items, which look brilliant, and will not push the budget too far. Remember sometimes less is more, and having family and friends to celebrate this occasion is what is important.

Balloons are an excellent decoration for every occasion as they are available in so many different colors. Whether you want to buy cheaper balloons to blow up yourself, or can afford bunches of helium balloons they will help to set the theme. You can tie the balloons to chairs, pin them to furniture, and use them to decorate everywhere.

Table decorations are often overlooked; however, if you have food on offer, you need to decorate the table. This can be done easily with a table skirt, or piece of material following the color or theme of the party. You want to create the perfect table, but not go overboard with the decorations as this will appear cluttered.

Centerpieces are often used if the table is larger, and you need something to fill the area. If your budget is smaller, you can choose something simple such as a bowl, with floating rubber ducks. There are many different things to place in the center, and balloons, flowers and a  gift pile are all often chosen.

Candles can help to set the mood, and can be placed on the table as well as throughout the room. These are ideal decoration ideas for elegant baby showers, and for people without a set theme. You may also want to drape fairy lights from tulle, which can also be used to hang other decorations. Do not go over the top, you want the guests to see all of the effort you have put into the decorations.

Garlands are another excellent choice, and if you use your imagination, you will be amazed at the different garlands you can create. Disposable diapers are perfect to string up as they are easy to write on. You can spell different things, including “it’s a girl” or the baby’s name, this is a fun way to announce the chosen name.

Christmas decorations can be used if the baby shower is to be held during the festive season; you can get small pine trees and hang baby related items from the trees. You can also hang stockings for guests to place gifts inside, and ensure that the happy holidays continue. The Christmas theme is excellent, and can help you to save money by using existing decorations.

Candy is an excellent theme and decoration idea, and there are many different ways that it can be used for the baby shower. You can simply fill glasses and vases with different colored candy, or have a whole candy cart. These look sensational when they are planned well, and follow the overall theme of the party.

Confetti has become a cost effective decoration that can make a dull area sparkle. There are unique confetti’s available with various characters, words and shapes. You will be amazed at the huge amount of choice, but remember not to go over the top and choose just the right amount.  Sprinkled over table cloths this decoration is perfect.

Homemade decorations are lovely, and this could be the perfect way to get everyone involved. Banners made by children, pictures of you as a baby, or even photos of friends and family all make cost effective baby shower decorations. The more you can get everyone involved, will not only save money but create a personal party.

A clothes line with small gifts pegged to it is a unique decoration idea that is becoming more popular. As guests arrive, they peg their gifts to the line, and these are given to the expectant mum after the party. The gifts can be anything such as diapers, socks, bottles or toys, not only will it decorate the area for the day, but provide many needed items.

Food and drink are another area where the theme can continue, and once you begin to research you will be amazed at the amount of fun ideas there are for baby shower food. You may want to serve your drinks in baby bottles, and have a tea party with cute baby cupcakes. Regardless of the food that you choose, make sure it is light and easy to eat.

Memory books are an ideal way to capture the moment, and can be passed around throughout the baby shower. Everyone can write their messages, thoughts and pieces of advice for the expectant mum to look back through another day. You will be surprised what people write, and there are often reasons to smile when the book is read.

You will soon discover that the moment you get together with friends and family the ideas will begin to flow. Even on a small budget you can create the perfect baby shower, ensuring that you are surrounded with the people who want to celebrate this occasion. Everyone will want to join in, and this is when you can sit back and let everyone else run around for you.

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