Baby Shower Gift – Some Great Tips

Baby Shower Gift – Some Great Tips

The tradition of baby showers is long standing in the U.S. and is also becoming popular in other countries as well. The objective is to have an all-girl get-together and celebrate the new life which is about to enter the world, by giving the mom-to-be a baby shower gift. But what kind of gift should you buy and why? Let’s examine some possibilities.

Generally the a baby shower gift will fall into one of two categories; gifts for mom and gifts for the baby. If you prefer to buy one for the mom they why not consider something that will make her life easier when the baby is born. A newborn is likely not to sleep through the night for a while and a homemade voucher for a night at a health spa whilst you look after the child for one night can make a very welcome gift if mom is prepared to leave junior for the short duration. Another idea is to take along some frozen homemade meals so that good nutritious food is available at busy times when the infant arrives since there will be plenty of these!

You might want to consider pooling together with all the other attendees and buying a larger baby shower gift with the increased resource. How about a professional photography session with mom and child – these can be expensive but will provide a fantastic memento of this unique time in a woman’s life. It could be a family photograph with dad involved as well. Don’t underestimate asking the father for ideas for what to buy since he is likely to know what his partner’s needs are and what she would really appreciate.

If the mom already has children then consider something that involves them in the gift. The demands of looking after a newborn often mean that a woman has less time to give to older offspring and this can make them resentful of the new child’s arrival if not managed carefully. A baby shower gift that actually provides for the whole family can therefore help to unite and bond the family and integrate the new arrival. For example you could contribute towards a weekend break for the family at a kid-friendly resort that has lots of activities for the older children. This will allow them to enjoy the break whilst giving mom and dad time to be with each other and the new addition and enjoy this wonderful time.

If you prefer to buy a baby shower gift for the child then give it some careful thought. Classic books can be a good choice, and a selection of such books, one for each age of their life to a key age such as 21 can be a great and long-lasting present, particularly if you think about the titles carefully and match them with the age. Another idea is music, since the sense of hearing is the most developed sense in young children and this can have soothing effects when nothing else seems to work. One example was a mom who received a tape recording of the sounds of a vacuum cleaner. The giver explained that this sound seemed to soothe a baby and to “try it and see.” The mom was cynical at first but she tried it and it worked. An unusual baby shower gift maybe – but what would a young mother give for peace and tranquility in the early months?

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