Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

Anyone who has ever planned or hosted a baby shower knows that it is a lot of work. Handling everything from the guest list, the food, the decorations and even the shower games is time consuming and can be pretty expensive, depending on the number of guests at the shower. But we do it because it is not only a tradition; the baby shower is a rite of passage for a new mom.  And hosting the baby shower is an honor that is usually reserved for the mom-to-be’s best friend(s), mother, step-mother, mother-in-law or someone who is very close to her. So to be chosen to host a baby shower is a coveted position and is not to be taken lightly. The duties of the baby shower hostess are countless and usually involve weeks or even months of planning, several trips to the craft store, coordinating and even cooking and for that the hostess deserves a little appreciation, right? So what can a mom-to-be do to express their appreciation to the person or people who planned and executed their baby shower? Here are some baby shower hostess gift ideas that help.

Finding the Perfect Hostess Gift

The idea of finding a hostess gift can be a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  And although some people feel that a hostess gift is not ‘necessary’ it is still a nice way to show your appreciation to the person or people who worked so hard to make your day special.  Think of it like sending a thank you note for a gift that you receive. So what is considered an appropriate hostess gift?

A Spa Gift Certificate. Treat your hostess to a fabulous manicure and pedicure at a spa. This option is probably best for a single hostess or two, but can get a little pricy if you have to pay for 10 massages.

Yummy Edible Gifts. Gifts that people can eat are always a good option for a hostess gift. A box of chocolates, a basket of baked goods, a fruit arrangement or a bottle of wine is a perfect gift for a single hostess or multiple hostesses. These can either be handmade or purchased and placed into baskets or gift bag that you put together.

Beautiful Flowers or a Plant. Brining a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a lovely plant is a great way to say thank you to your hostess. Again, this option is probably best for a single hostess or two depending on how much you want to spend on flowers. Although if you happen to have your own blooming flower garden from which you can cut your own flowers, this is the ideal option.

Personalized Photo Frames. This is a great option if you have more than one or two hostesses planning your baby shower.  Pick out frames that are specific to each hostess’s personality or style and present them to each as a token of your appreciation.

Scented Candles.  Again, this option is perfect for multiple hostesses. Choosing a specific candle for to match each person’s personality and style is a great way to personalize each gift.

Gift Cards to a Favorite Restaurant. Gift cards are a great thank you gift for a single hostess or multiple hostesses. Again, choosing a gift card for each person based upon their favorite restaurant will make your gift more personal.

Bath Items. This is the next best thing to a spa gift certificate and is great option if you have more hostesses to buy for. Make up little gift baskets or bags filled with body lotions, bubble bath and soaps that you have chosen based upon each person’s favorite fragrance or scent and give each hostess a personalized thank you that will mean a lot.

Movie Tickets or Movie Passes.  This is another great option for a hostess gift if you have several hostesses that you wish to thank. With the movie tickets the hostesses can then use them as they wish individually or plan an awesome girl’s day out at the movies where they can all go together and enjoy a movie as a group.

Create your own gift baskets or bags.  This option allows for the most flexibility of all of these ideas.  With this option you can find cute gift baskets or bags and then fill each with a combination of any of the other options. For example, you can fill a basket with some bubble bath, a bottle of wine and a couple of movie tickets or a restaurant gift card, a photo frame and a box of gourmet chocolates. The possibilities are really endless.  You can either make all of the baskets the same or give each hostess a personalized gift basket from you that they can enjoy.

The ‘Surprise’ Shower

What do you do if you are not expecting a shower and get surprised? You go to work on Wednesday and you have a couple of days left before you go out on maternity leave and you walk into the break room and “SURPRISE!” It’s a baby shower.  This little party obviously took planning, time and money to put together, not to mention that your co-workers are all there, with gifts, smiling and congratulating you. You thank them all, tell them how you had no idea they were doing this, that you really appreciate it, eat some cake and go back to work. But how do you thank the hostess for a party when it was organized by a large group?  Believe it or not there are several great options that you can do after the shower. The best option is to have something delivered to work that they can all enjoy, like food. Who among us does not love to hear the words “Food in the break room?”  The best idea is to send a dessert tray, an edible fruit arrangement, or doughnuts and bagels for breakfast along with a handwritten thank you note.

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