Choosing and Making a Baby Bib

Choosing and Making a Baby Bib

The baby bib once used to be nothing but a plain-white mess collector and whilst that may be its purpose there is no need for it to suffer with a lack of style. A baby bib can be found in almost any color or pattern and baby bib sayings have become quite popular. You can often use these to reflect how you feel about your newborn baby.

Baby bibs are available in a variety of different fabrics. Cotton is one of the most absorbent and comfortable against baby’s skin but it can also be prone to stains particularly if the color or pattern shows them up. Flannel and terry cloth share similar properties and bibs can sometimes be found in a lightweight fleece.

A vinyl baby bib is much easier to clean as it can be wiped with a cloth with no need for regular washing. However, it won’t withstand the high heats of washers or dryers and will not last as long if it’s cleaned in this way. Vinyl bibs can also be uncomfortable for baby so you should consider this when purchasing your bibs. You may find alternatives made from 100% polyester which is similar to vinyl but is softer, more durable and more resistant to stains and odors. It can also withstand a washing and drying so is overall a better choice.

If you can’t find a baby bib that appeals to you then you may try making your own. You will need a baby bib pattern and some fabric. You can design or print your own pattern however you may wish to purchase one to achieve a more professional look. Bought patterns will usually come with simple instructions which can help if you are new to sewing or it is your first bib. You can be as creative as you like by adding your baby’s name to the bib or perhaps taking some inspiration from the Baby Bible and recreating the Baby Bible verses for your child to enjoy. These also make great baby gift ideas!

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