Baby Booties are Warm, So Cute and Very Stylish

Baby Booties are Warm, So Cute and Very Stylish

Babies, particularly very young babies, have a hard time maintaining their own body temperatures. It is therefore vital to make sure that they are kept warm, particularly in cold weather areas. By the same token, you can’t pile them high with blankets at night as experts are of the opinion this could be one of the causes of SIDS. Bundling them up in clothing is the best bet, so make sure you have plenty of pairs of baby booties, as this is one of the first layers to go on.

Your little tiny, squirmy, wriggling baby can be kept warm, by dressing it in undergarments, baby booties, mittens, a cap, and an all-in-one sleep suit. These generally have feet in them and this makes sure those all important booties stay in place to keep baby’s little feet cozy at all times. It can be very tricky dressing babies for warmth as it is also not good to overheat them. With baby booties and all the other gear they will be warm enough for sleeping at night or for being taken out to the grocery store with mom.

Baby booties have been used for centuries to keep the little feet of pre-walking babies warm. They are knitted and crocheted from soft wool and cotton. They are also made from sheepskin, soft leather, felt and many other types of fabric. Some are more practical, while others are just pretty and for show. Patterns to make these garments are found for free online.

Baby clothing often follows the trends of the times. You see tiny little replicas of something considered to be adult, and people are awing and googling cutsie all over the place. This is what happens when you crochet converse high tops for babies. They are divine and all the rage, and a pattern is available online. They have laces which tie up the front and they look just like high tops.

If you aren’t having a child, and you are handy, make a few pairs of these. They will make great gifts for friends who are having babies. If you are expecting and you aren’t handy, get someone to make them for you.

Baby booties are just what the doctor has ordered for newborn babies. They keep them warm, as soft and snug and too cute for words. They are simple to make and with so many materials to make them out of and so many patterns available, your little one will never be short of these wonderfully useful finishing touches.

Baby booties make fantastic Christening or baby shower gifts. They can be made in advance and stored in a covered shoe box. This way whenever you need a new gift or two you pack a half dozen pairs into a gift box, pop the lid and a ribbon on and are good to go. Baby booties can also be used to decorate the wrapping of other gifts instead of using a bow.

With so many different designs and style of baby booties available, you will be quite literally spoiled for choice. Even Christian Dior makes these for both boy and girl babies and they are simply divine.

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