How to Make a Baby Quilt

How to Make a Baby Quilt

Making a baby quilt adds a great personal touch to any baby room. It is not as hard as it sounds to make a baby quilt from scratch and it can be very rewarding. There are just a few simple steps involved in making your very own personalized baby blankets.

Baby quilt patterns come in all shapes and sizes so you may want to look at a few before choosing one. If the quilt is to be used in a crib you should look for a baby quilt size that fits. Patterns may be adjusted if you are comfortable enough doing this or you could use a baby quilt kit. Kits include all the pieces you need to make your quilt and can be a quick and easy solution for creating a modern baby quilt.

If you want a completely handmade baby quilt you will need to choose your fabric. You may want to make it all in one fabric for simplicity or choose lots of different patterned fabrics for a patchwork style quilt. Most quilters prefer to use pure cotton fabrics. You may want to make the underside to match or line it in a soft fabric like baby blankets for comfort. Make sure to wash your fabrics before cutting and stitching them as some fabrics will shrink and you do not want this to interfere with your design.

Using your pattern as a guide you should create the top side of your quilt. If you are using separate fabrics you should cut the correct sized squares and stitch the pieces together side by side into strips the correct length. Once you have created all your strips you can then stitch these together to create the front of your quilt.

Cut a sheet of batting and your backing fabric to the correct size which you can then stitch together. To ‘quilt’ the fabric you must stitch through all three layers. You can do this around shapes on the fabric or in straight lines across the quilt. You may want to finish the edges with baby binding. This gives the quilt a finished look and babies love the feel.

For an extra special touch you may want to trim your quilt with a soft cotton lace or edging. Make sure all decorations are stitched securely and do not add buttons or bows as these are choking hazards.

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