Choosing Baby Boy Crib Bedding

Choosing Baby Boy Crib Bedding

Choosing baby boy bedding can be difficult if you are not used to the available solutions. Initially it may seem as if there are not as many choices as there are for girls but there are actually many different themes available. With boy crib bedding modern and rustic designs are now widely used, as well as themes like sports or popular children’s television characters.

When choosing for a boy, crib sets can be commonly found so that all your bedding will match. It is possible to find boy cradle bedding in plain colors and designs. Pastel blues are common but browns with blues may give a more interesting look. If you use them for your baby boy, crib bumpers are sometimes included in these sets along with sheets and quilts. If you can’t find them to match simply buy plain ones that will not clash with the bedding.

Cowboy crib bedding is a popular theme for boys. You may want to look for soft suede-like fabrics in a variety of dark and sandy shades of brown. Cow print cushions or quilts can add to the theme. Add cute pictures of horses, or even a soft toy steed to finish the look. Some cowboy themed items may contain fringes or frayed fabric so check that they won’t be a danger to your baby boy before using.

If you feel you have a sporty boy, crib bedding sports themed might be a better choice. It is quite easy to find bedding with a sports theme so look around and see what appeals. Most of these items are designed with baby in mind so if dad wants his favorite logo on baby’s crib bedding he may have to sacrifice his favorite shirt to make it! Be creative when finding your baby boy crib bedding and you will manage to put together the perfect crib.

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