Breastfeeding Moms Need an Avent Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is the most natural way a mother can feed her child. Studies have revealed that there are many proven health benefits to breastfeeding. Having a pump such as the Avent breast pump can assist with the process. Breast pumps make it easy and possible to pump and store the breast milk for when the baby is not with the mother. Mothers can return to the workforce without having to stop feeding their babies their breast milk.

Some of the health benefits include providing the newborn with antibodies that protect the newborn from viruses and bacteria. Breast milk is easier to digest. There will be less stomach upset. Women who feed their babies this way have a lower chance of breast and ovarian cancers. Any expectant mother should weigh the benefits and negatives of both breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Choosing to feed this way is not difficult. It does have a learning curve. Most hospitals offer free lactation services to the new mother and baby to help get them started. Most doctors agree that they would prefer the mother and baby do this as long as possible. It is just better for both.

Breastfeeding is more cost effective. Formula costs money. In the recession, formula prices are not falling. They are rising. A study revealed that the average newborn costs the family between eight hundred and one thousand two hundred dollars a year in formula alone. Besides the cost of a breast pump, breastfeeding is pretty much free.

Studies have revealed that babies that drink breast milk have a lower incidence of allergies and eczema. It has been proven that they have a higher intelligence quotient than those who receive no maternal milk after birth. This is a great benefit for the child.

Studies have shown that a mother who breastfeeds has a lower rate of anxiety than those that did not. It also promotes postpartum weight loss and delays fertility. It is less likely that a woman would get pregnant while she is lactating. By feeding a baby this way, there will not be any pregnancies that are too close together. Without birth control there may be an occasional pregnancy but it is rare while lactating.

This type of feeding is a healthier environmental alternative to formula. Bottles are typically made from plastic. The containers that the formula is made in also are made of plastic. The world’s landfills do not need more plastics in them. The plastics do not degrade and deteriorate as organic matter. Help the planet and breastfeed. Your infant will thank you in the long run as the planet will be healthier.

The question on every pregnant woman’s mind is how to feed her newborn. There are numerous benefits to breastfeeding. Many employers offer special rooms so the mother can use a pump in privacy. Health statistics prove that breastfeeding is a healthier option. It is cost effective. The pros far outweigh the cons. Choose to breastfeed your baby; you will be glad you did.

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