Which Changing Mats Are Best for Your Baby?

Which Changing Mats Are Best for Your Baby?

Changing mats are one of the essential items that must be considered when shopping for your new baby. It is one of those items that must be safe for your infant but it doesn’t have to change the look of your nursery. You should consider the shape and size required and shop around for a style that suits your baby nursery bedding.

A common type is the wedge changing mat. It has gradually raised sides keeping your little one safely in the middle during changing. This can be useful if you like to change your child on a table or surface as the high raised sides are much safer. The Babydan changing mat satin stripe is a good example of modern, stylish wedge changing mats.

If you prefer to change junior on the floor, a flat pad may be more suitable. Whilst they still have padded sides they are often much slimmer and easier to store. The Alfie giraffe changing mat is a good quality flat one with a cute design that will brighten up any nursery.

If you have a change table, size can be an important factor. Many tables will be designed to fit standard changing mats, however there are certainly exceptions. Compact fold-out baby changing tables are common in modern homes and are often an unusual size unsuited to standard changing mats. In this case a travel changing pad may be the solution. Travel pads come in many shapes and sizes and can easily fold down into a compact size and shape. You may be able to modify one to be a permanent addition to your compact changing table or keep it for trips in your baby changing bag. It is often a good idea to have a spare if you use these type of pads as they can become worn with the regular use their convenience often causes.

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