Choosing an Infant Car Seat Cover

Choosing an Infant Car Seat Cover

For any mom who has ever needed to clean the baby’s car seat, it’s obvious why she should invest in an infant car seat cover. Many baby seats come with covers when you buy them, and others can be purchased as accessories. Still other options might be something as simple as a baby blanket.

Many car seats come with a very washable material for the seat itself. It could be plastic, vinyl or even a seat that can be put into a washing machine and dryer. However, since babies tend to be messy, it’s always a good idea to keep the seat covered since the cover can be immediately removed if anything happens during a car trip.

An infant car seat cover should also take into consideration the temperature and the weather. This is a good opportunity to help keep your baby warm in cold weather. You can put an extra thick cover over the seat that is long enough to wrap around his legs and feet while he’s seated.

During the summer months you should choose a light material that will prevent him from ‘sticking’ to the seat. This is important if your car seat is indeed made of something like vinyl where body moisture can cause him to perspire and be uncomfortable.

As he ages, you might want to buy infant car seat covers that have his favorite action figure or even Disney character. Little blankets and even sheets can be purchased with just about anything from Ironman to the Transformers, Mickey Mouse, and just about any type of Princess imaginable.

Some children get so attached to these blankets and infant car seat covers that they are reluctant to let them go once they grow out of the car seat. Take this into consideration when buying an infant car seat cover because you might be able to incorporate them later on into the decorations in the child’s bedroom.

If something truly unique might be of interest, it’s simple to make your own. Simply buy material in whatever fabric you want – wool, flannel, fake fur, corduroy, cotton, etc. In most cases one yard will be plenty. Sew up the edges to prevent the edges from raveling when it is washed.

If you are very creative you can even sew on the child’s name and a few motifs that he thinks are fun on the infant car seat cover. Even motifs that make sounds – animals, bells, squeaks, and ones that say his name – can be found in toy stores and hobby shops.

In summer months it’s also a good idea to have an infant car seat cover that covers the entire seat and reflects heat and sun. This will make it much more comfortable for the baby when you put him in, even if you have his regular infant car seat cover in place where he sits. Seat fabrics such as vinyl will heat up to the point that it’s almost impossible to touch after an hour in a hot car, and your baby can suffer severe burns if you don’t realize it when you put him in there.

Multiple infant car seat covers should always be on hand.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. My little one adores my car seat cover selection.

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