Creating the Cutest Baby Record Book Ever

Creating the Cutest Baby Record Book Ever

A baby record book is a wonderful way to save those precious memories of the baby’s first year. There are many different baby record books that new parents could make into their own scrapbook. Creativity is the number one quality that a parent needs to use when making the book for their little one. Put on those thinking caps and come up with a cute and original idea.

Scrapbooking is a very popular hobby for many. Once an album has been found, the next step is the fun part and that is gathering embellishments to put into the baby record book. Since scrapbooking is popular, scrapbooking supplies can be found all over the place. They are sold online and in stores. These supplies can easily be located. t

A shopper can find the best selection of scrapbooking materials from a local craft store. These types of stores specialize in anything crafty. They will have all types of scissors and paper cutters for sale. They can give a specialty type of edge to any paper or photo for your baby record book. There are also all types of stickers. They come in all shapes and sizes. Beyond stickers, one can find pennants, ribbons, confetti and many other things to pick from to add to the baby record book. It will be hard to decide. These items are typically affordably priced.

Another item that will be a good idea to purchase at the craft store is gel or paint pens. These pens make writing beautiful. They are in glittery paints that can embellish any page of your baby record book. The gel pens are typically more spring type colors with glitter added. Paint pens come in primary colors, but check the store as they all carry different items. These pens typically cost about fifteen dollars for a set of ten.

Once you return from the store with all of your treasures for the book, sit down and get out all of your baby trinkets up until now. These can include sonogram photos, tape measure from the hospital, arm and leg bands from the infant. They can include first hospital photos. There are so many little mementos that are received from the hospital that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Once all photos, trinkets and embellishments are together, get out your glue gun. A glue gun is always an easy way to affix something permanently in your baby record book. Do not use it for photos, but it’s great for affixing things like thick paper, leg bands, tape measures, etc.

Start laying out your pages one at a time. Lay the photos and trinkets and arrange them first to make sure that is the way you would like them and then glue. Continue working on the baby record book over time. Remember this is a work in progress through the baby’s first few years. Take your time and everyone will enjoy your effort later on.

Creating a baby record book is a wonderful way to document the first couple of years of life of your child. It is a beautiful way to remember all of those times during the infant and toddler years. Looking back will be enjoyable with your child when they are older.

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