Designer Baby Clothing for Your Little One

Designer Baby Clothing for Your Little One

If you want your baby to have the best then consider buying designer baby clothing. Whilst this may seem a little extravagant, it is also becoming increasingly common amongst the celebrity world and this trend is always followed by those who can afford it. It’s a well established industry and many of the fashion world’s top designers have seen the potential of providing newborn baby clothes. In many cases this is more lucrative than providing such clothing to adults since children grow quickly and clothes need to be replaced more often. Designers include Baby Phat, Annes Geddes and Baby Dior.

So how should you go about buying designer baby clothes to maximize the value of what you buy? The first step is to find the designer whose work you like. This is similar to the adult world and some designers cater for the outlandish whilst others have more modest designs. Many large stores now have boutique baby brands in their infant departments – try the better known well heeled stores and you will find an extensive selection on offer.

It’s also possible to buy designer baby clothing online at those baby shops which are regarded as supplying quality items. Try or and you will see the kind of clothing that is available. Once you find the outfit that you like then extend the search via Google to find the best price. The beauty of online shopping is that you can easily compare prices and find a bargain.

Also look at the various infant clothing magazines and use the same tactic. The magazines usually provide the name and price of the outfits being exhibited and photographed and once something catches your eye, then it is a comparatively simple matter to search for the same outfit online at a reduced price. Don’t be afraid to consider pre-used clothing. Much of this type of baby designer clothing has been worn once or even not at all and you can pick up cheap baby clothes at garage sales and even on eBay.

Some recent effective combos include designer denim leggings coupled with a doc tee. Try a cap with it and see how it looks. Some designers actually provide a set of clothing which has been pre-matched before you buy. If you have a boy then try a racing jacket look, it has a definite effect on the right baby. This look can be extended and you can make him look like pit crew or even a pilot! There are also very cute designer options for baby girls clothes; check out the Juicy Couture line for some adorable outfits.

Check out what the celebrities are clothing their kids in. Whilst some celebs have little fashion sense, most of them are actually pretty skilled at picking out what looks good on specific occasions and you also have the advantage that you can see what child looks like in the same outfit!

There are many designers from which to choose but always consider your child’s comfort as the first priority, with style taking second place. Most children really enjoy the cool look of designer gear but be warned – it can be an expensive habit!

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