Choosing a Diaper Backpack for Dad

Choosing a Diaper Backpack for Dad

Choosing a diaper bag that dad feels comfortable carrying can be a difficult task. Mom’s style often won’t reflect that of dad and he will likely object to carrying around something that looks like a handbag! A diaper backpack could be the solution.

Even a designer diaper bag can now be found in the backpack style. The diaper bag backpack option is a popular choice as it leaves your hands free to tend to baby and appeals to the practical nature of some parents. They are often small and compact and have the look of an actual backpack making them an inconspicuous item that blends in with your attire.

Rowdy diaper bags come in a range of plain looks that may be suitable but the designs still have mom’s fashion in mind. A Skip Hop diaper bag shows improvements and the bold colors make a statement, however if you prefer your diaper bag to be concealed in the exterior of an actual bag you may want to keep looking.

Diaper Dude produces a large range of practical diaper bags suitable for both mom and dad. The colors and styles range from plain to camouflage and other patterns and there is even an Eco-friendly range. The Dude Pack in particular is a compact diaper backpack perfect as a dad bag. If you prefer something larger, the Lands End diaper bag backpack is large enough to carry supplies for multiple children and comfortably distributes the weight.

With all the available options a men’s diaper backpack is easy to find in dad’s style. They come in a range of neutral colors and patterns and can even be found with skulls or tigers printed on the fabric. Be sure to read plenty of diaper backpack reviews to find one that is both practical and will make dad want to help carry the diapers!

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