Electric Breast Pump – When Is a Good Time to Buy One

If you are constantly pumping breast mild then you will want to invest in an electric breast pump to make the job easier. When you are pumping a lot of milk you can spend too much wasted time pumping manually. Though an electric pump does cost more it is worth the investment.

Your blessed baby takes up most of your day and energy with care and feeding. When you are breast feeding this is especially true. You will have times when you cannot be there due to work or other activities that will keep you away. So you will need a convenient pump to use for your baby’s feeding and to release pressure on your breasts as well.

Pumps will range from forty to over a hundred dollars depending on the model you need. They come in single pump or double pump possibilities. Knowing what pump is best for you for an electric model with depend on the needs you have for the equipment.

The type of electric pump you purchase will depend on how many meals you are replacing in a day. For one or two meals you can do with a smaller single pump and still accomplish your goals. You will be able to use the pump effectively on the go as many are battery powered and you will not have to find an outlet to plug into.

However you want a pump that has enough suction to get the job done effectively. If it does not have enough battery power to suck then it is a waste of money. You also want to ensure you always keep extra batteries in your bag to avoid not being able to use it when you need it most.

If you are pumping a lot of milk during the day you will need a double pump. These pumps can be used quickly and are heavy duty. They will pump both breasts at the same time for efficiency. You can find these at varied prices as well. You will pay more for a heavy duty pump but again need a piece of equipment that will get the job done effectively.

A double pump has the benefit for a full let down at once that is simulated in regular feeding of your baby. This will help you in being able to effectively simulate natural feeding for your system. You can find these in battery models or plug in models. Some have both options. A double pump also works well for mothers who are having difficulty producing enough milk. By using the pump it helps with let down. The stimulus can help produce more milk.

For discretion most pumps come in a case or backpack that does not show that you are carrying a breast pump. It looks like a regular back pack or carrying case. Some models come with the case included and some are purchased separately.

The best way to find which pump to buy is to read reviews online. Other mothers will give their sound opinion on the products they use. You can also find pricing and other special offers for purchase.

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