Extra Wide Baby Gate Keeps Your Little One Safe

Extra Wide Baby Gate Keeps Your Little One Safe

As a parent, the less things you need to worry about the better. These days life is filled with so much to remember and for us to do that we could all do with a little extra help. Parenting is the hardest job in the world and the worry that our children cause us is more than any other job would carry. With this in mind, baby gate manufacturers have released the extra wide baby gate.

As we all know houses come in many shapes and sizes and the conventional baby gate can’t cut it in all homes. Yes they are great for stopping the little ones from falling up and down the stairs or finding their way into the room with the cleaning products but their use is cut short on large stairs and doors.

Extra wide baby gates are the next step! These pieces of kit are ideal solutions to the new open plan living arrangements that we so desire. Most models are now easily extended to be able to cover the width of a room and as such stop your child from getting into the open plan kitchen, or so you can keep them within sight if you’re working from home.

There are three main kinds of extra wide baby gates currently available. There is the standard gate that encompasses extensions, the roll back gate, and the play pen. The expandable gate has been designed to allow extra panels to be fitted to the sides of the standard gate. These are ideal for areas where the opening is slightly larger than the actual gate.

The roll back gate is a new innovation. Like its name suggest, this gate rolls in and out and can be stretched for various sized openings. If you’re not one for fiddling about attaching pieces at random then this is for you. Provided of course the gap you are trying to block is smaller than the maximum width of the actual gate.

The last is the playpen. No longer are they just for use to form an enclosed play area but they can now be opened up to form a long barrier. However the main drawback with these is that they are generally unstable when compared to the other two and as such are only really effective when it comes to young babies and don’t really work with regards to little toddlers who have made it their goal in life to destroy everything.

For extra large rooms specialist baby gate manufacturers provide super models which are expandable to greater lengths than the extra wide baby gates. A search of Google will provide you with a large list of suppliers that will also give you full product specifications on the item. Always note what kind of fixing method is supplied and make sure that it is appropriate for your house.

In conclusion an extra wide baby gate is an essential piece of kit for any modern-day parent who requires a large area to be secured from a child. With baby gates is it especially true that quality matters and as such don’t spare any expense if you can afford it.

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