Finding Free Baby Formula Near You

Finding Free Baby Formula Near You

Looking for free baby formula? If you have already had a child you know that store bought formula milk is not cheap. If this is your firstborn you probably have been hearing about how expensive it is to buy baby formula. Well, all of this is true but there are a number of ways you can get your hands on free baby formula.
The chances are if you had your baby at a hospital you have received a variety of free samples. Free magazines, formula and diapers are included in these sample packages. This is because all different types of companies want you to get a feel for their product in the hopes that you will eventually buy it.

Baby’s digestive tummies are still sensitive and may not accept just any kind of formula. You may have to try different formulas before settling down on one particular brand. This is where free baby formula samples can come in handy. It order to find what works best for your baby and not have to buy a number of products just to try a little bit of it, samples work with you to save you money.

There are a number of places to search for free baby formula. As mentioned above, hospitals usually have a lot of free formula on hand because companies want them to pass them out to their new moms. If your financial situation deems you need free formula urgently you can visit your WIC office near you.

The Women, Infants and Children government agency can assist you with the means of supplementing baby formula if you meet all of their criteria. They may even have coupons on hand for you from different formula companies. You can simply call or visit their offices for more information on your particular case.

There are a number of online websites where parents post when they have bought baby formula but no longer need it, such as and There are many instances that this can happen, a baby is allergic or does not accept the milk. When the parents or caretakers have bought formula in bulk they have excess cartons available and choose to give it away for free. If you search one of these sites and do not find the kind you are looking for, you can even post a request for it.

Baby formula companies usually have discussion groups on their websites, such as the Strong Moms community hosted by Similac. These sites and groups usually have free samples available. If you do not see free samples online they probably have coupons in order to purchase formula at a discounted rate. If you do not see either of these, check their contact information and get in touch. Ask where you can get either free baby formula samples or coupons.

Always check your local paper for coupons. The Sunday paper usually is the day with the most coupons in the paper. If you find that coupon hunting is too difficult, you can search for coupons online. You can find several online sites that offer free baby formula coupons. Even though it is important to save money, your baby’s health comes first. Make sure the formula you get for free is the right product for your baby. For more tips on feeding your baby, check out this helpful article on Adorababy.

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