Forget the Microwave – Use a Baby Bottle Warmer

Forget the Microwave – Use a Baby Bottle Warmer

A baby bottle warmer is a must-have for any new parent. Besides being more effective than microwaves, it unchains parents from the kitchen for baby’s many necessary feedings.

It’s important to duplicate the natural body temperate milk your baby needs. Many mothers favor the microwave — a few zaps and luke warm milk can be perfected. Unfortunately this dependable kitchen appliance has several flaws. First of all, microwaves don’t always heat milk evenly. Hidden hot spots can be dangerous for your baby. Secondly, the intense heat of microwave currents can also cause the bottles’ plastic toxins to seep into the milk.

While these two reasons alone should steer you clear of the microwave method and think of a baby bottle warmer instead, when preaching these setbacks and dangers to new mothers, I’ve found the most convincing case to be the stationary limits of the microwave.

Let’s be honest, busy moms can’t be chained to the microwave for all their child’s infancy! Thank goodness for portable baby bottle warmers. From running errands to extended traveling, there are a variety of lightweight and efficient warmers.

  • For shorter trips away from the house a thermos type insulator might do the trick. The insulator can be filled with boiling water before you head out. These are the least expensive option and most eco-friendly. However these baby bottle warmers may only stay the perfect temperature for a couple hours.

Car outlets offer a surprisingly dependable warming source en route to your destination. Unnecessary cigarette lighters can now be used as a source of energy for baby bottle warmers. This may soon become the hottest baby car accessory since the portable car seat.

Baby bottle warmers can be helpful to have in other places around the house, like your bedside table. Middle of the night feeding can be quickly taken care of with automatic steam heaters. A trip to the kitchen can be traded for a few extra minutes of shuteye. These electric warmers oftentimes feature more than one bottle holder and a nightlight.

And that’s only the beginning! The numerous different models of baby bottle warmers on the market can meet any mother’s particular bottle warming need. No matter what model of baby bottle warmer you choose, one should always proceed with caution when feeding your baby. Always do the tried and true method of testing a drop of milk on your wrist. If it is comfortable to the touch you can be sure your baby will be safe. You can also read about baby bottle sterilizers in this Adorababy article.

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