Fun with Personalized Diaper Bags!

Fun with Personalized Diaper Bags!

Here is something revolutionary for new moms and dads: personalized diaper bags. Yes, diaper bags – with personalized names in handsome custom embroidery. As new parents, it is a given that you have already entered the world of baby things – an endless stream of strollers, cribs, tiny socks…and, of course, diapers. In addition, with the diaper comes the ubiquitous diaper bag.

Let’s face it: there is not a whole lot that is fun about nappies. In addition, lugging a diaper bag loaded with pampers, wipes, creams, powder, and all the rest can seem like an unfortunate necessity. Can you say, pack horse? However, by adding personalization, you can turn a necessary item into a fun accessory. You choose the style bag, and the personalization, to express your own personal style. With chic style, who knows whether that bag you are toting is a diaper bag, or a stylish messenger bag!

A quick search on the Internet reveals many interesting and affordable personalized diaper bags. We Googled personalized diaper bags and found, to our surprise, over half a million hits!

Here are some we found particularly interesting. Diaper Bag Boutique,, offers a great remedy for the pack horse syndrome. Many of their diaper bags look nothing like diaper bags; rather, they look like serious purses, weekend bags, and style-conscious messenger bags. Our favorite is their Diaper Dude Faux Suede with Flap Diaper bag that features zipper pockets and an adjustable over-the-shoulder strap. The regular price of $147 is discounted to just $99.95 online, and shipping is free. Diaper Bag Boutique even offers diaper bags for dad. We think that if you are man enough to make a baby, you should be man enough to haul around any diaper bag mom chooses. Nevertheless, if you are the sensitive type, perhaps mom will choose a “man bag” that will not bruise your ego.

The Shopping Boutique,, is another excellent source for personalized diaper bags. Their slogan, “Find the diaper bag that reflects your style” is a good clue to their philosophy and their selection: there is LOTS to choose from. Their Black Central Park Toile Pink Accents Monogrammed Diaper Bag caught our attention. There is something retro going on here; something 1950’s chic with layers of pink rickrack and black grosgrain ribbon with pink and white polka dots. There is even a very feminine pink bow sewn on. Six pockets made of toile hold everything Junior needs. At $80 plus shipping, it is a good value. Personalized embroidery is available in several styles.

The Shopping Boutique offers a line of children’s bags. This raises interesting possibilities. Perhaps an older brother or sister can be pressed into service hauling baby’s things.

Last, here is a point to ponder. When you embroider Junior’s diaper bag, what words should be embroidered? The first inclination will be Junior’s name, of course. However, do you want to put baby on a first-name basis with strangers? In addition, if you embroider “Andy,” what happens when little “Angela” comes along? Some suggestions: you might consider the one-word-fits-all “Baby,” or the tongue-in-cheek, “Who’s Your Daddy?” Diapers are a dirty business but personalized diaper bags can be downright fun!

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