Functionality at its Finest: The Mountain Buggy Urban

Functionality at its Finest: The Mountain Buggy Urban

The Mountain Buggy Urban has taken New Zealand by storm, and the rest of the world with it. Coming in a variety of styles and colors, the stroller is professed by Mountain Buggy to be practical, safe, and stylish, which the reviews of moms and dads, alike, confirm.

Available in single-, double-, or even triple-seat models, the Mountain Buggy Urban will comfortably seat however many little ones you need to protect. The seat itself is hammock-like, allowing easy lateral movement and promoting healthy posture. The seatback is padded and reclines almost horizontally, so that an afternoon outing and a nap may happen at the same time. The Urban can also convert from an all-purpose stroller into a pram and even an infant car-seat carrier, with the simple addition of either Mountain Buggy’s Single Carrycot, or a multi-car seat adapter, respectively. Last, the soft woven straps that harness your child into her seat adjust as your child grows into toddler hood.

Your child will not be the only one enjoying the ergonomic design of the Mountain Buggy Urban. The soft-grip handle adjusts to different heights, accommodating various caregivers. You will even find a water-bottle holder, and under the seat, a large-capacity storage compartment, which can hold a diaper bag and other essentials. If you chose the Urban Elite, your Mountain Buggy will even come fully equipped with its own diaper bag.

For the city-dweller and off-roader, the Urban is designed with maneuverability in mind. The air-filled 12″ tires are essentially shock absorbers. The stroller’s materials also help make the Urban multi-terrain and multi-weather, as the fabric is UV and water resistant, and the frame is made of lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum tubing. A removable storm cover protects your child from the elements, while a small window in the sun hood allows you to check on her without leaving your spot.

Storing, transporting, and even shipping the Mountain Buggy Urban is also made simple and safe. It is easily collapsible and even has a contractible axel, so that you may use space efficiently. You will find that it unlocks and unfolds with a single lever locking mechanism, which is a feature common to and popular in all Mountain Buggies. The front wheels swivel 360-degrees, making rounding a corner as simple as moving forward. However, you can adjust the rotation on the front wheel or wheels, so that the stroller is safe and in control at all times. The foot-operated brake is located near the back right wheel, allowing you safely to come to a halt on any incline. A safety strap will give you that extra assurance that your loved one is safely connected to you.

Deemed a Mumsnet “best,” the Mountain Buggy Urban is a consumer favorite and an industry pick. Designed to adjust as a child grows form infancy to toddler hood, the Urban may be the first and last stroller you ever need to purchase. Who could pass up such simplicity?

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