Glass Baby Bottles Are Making A Big Comeback

Glass Baby Bottles Are Making A Big Comeback

Everyone wants the best for their babies, especially when it comes to feeding. Some years ago traditional glass baby bottles were replaced by plastic ones. The plastic bottles had advantages and were more economical, but scientific research has proved that plastic bottles can be harmful.

Polycarbonate plastic is used to make plastic baby bottles. When the bottle is heated, a chemical called BPA (bisphenol-A) is released. This chemical attaches itself to the milk inside the bottle and is therefore ingested by the baby.

Parents have justifiably become alarmed at this news. This has prompted a resurgence of glass baby bottles. This is a good thing, especially when you consider that during recent years, manufacturers of cool drinks and sodas have started bottling their products in glass and done away with plastic containers.

Glass is pure, clean and totally recyclable. It contains no chemicals whatsoever therefore the milk inside cannot be contaminated. Glass baby bottles come in all shapes, sizes and colors. This means you can buy your baby’s bottle to match all his or her other baby items.

Obviously you can still buy the traditional straight shaped glass baby bottle. Other shapes include angle-necked bottles, curved bottles, wide-necked bottles, bottles that have openings at both ends, and even bottles shaped like a woman’s breast. The bottles that have openings at the top and bottom are very practical because they can be easily cleaned.

Of course the question on every mom’s lips is ‘What about the safety of glass bottles?’ You’ll be pleased to know that very thick glass is used to make baby bottles. This makes them very unlikely to break without significant force. Parents should also remember that it is up to them to ensure their baby’s safety.

You should never leave a baby unattended while he or she is feeding from a bottle. And when your baby is old enough to walk, never let him or her walk around holding a bottle. If you follow these two golden rules, a glass bottle will be perfectly safe for your baby, and you will have peace of mind knowing that no harmful chemicals are contaminating the contents.

To further enhance the safety of glass baby bottles, you can go online and make some inquiries about a revolutionary baby bottle made with glass that contains a silicone sheath to prevent breakage. These bottles are hypo-allergic and come in many colors.

Another new invention are glass baby bottles that comes with a protective sleeve. This bottle comes with a non-toxic, latex free nipple. The sleeve, which has been approved by the FDA, contains no polycarbonates and it is completely recyclable.

Because glass retains heat longer that plastic, a glass baby bottle will keep the milk warmer for longer. Glass can withstand high heat so the bottle can be put in extremely hot water when sterilizing it. Unlike plastic, glass baby bottles do not retain that nasty odor of old milk. Some can be washed in a dishwasher. Make sure you check the label before placing glass baby bottles in a dishwasher.

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