All About Glenna Jean Crib Bedding

All About Glenna Jean Crib Bedding

Glenna Jean is one of the most respected brand names in the baby nursery industry. The company was started when Glenna Jean herself was unhappy with the lack of nursery design available. In a time when nursery accessories were all about functionality and showed no signs of fashion, Glenna Jean led the way in designer nursery fashion.

Glenna Jean crib bedding comes in a varied range these days, but where it exceeds is unusual and unique designs. The Glenna Jean Isabella crib bedding provides a pink princess fantasy for your little girl with a touch of Victorian elegance. The patchwork patterned fabrics ensure that the design is not too much and gives the set a feeling of home. The Glenna Jean Coco crib bedding is similar in style but more streamlined to provide a more modern look. The splash of brown color contrasts well with the pinks and creams providing a more unique look in a baby room.

The Glenna Jean Spa crib sets show just how unique this brand can be with a combination of greens, browns and baby blue. The green tweed gives an unusual look and would look great in any modern home. It is particularly suited to untreated woods and natural furnishings.

Glenna Jean baby nursery bedding comes in many more styles to suit any home and is certainly one of the leading brands in the industry. It can be worth shopping around to find the most suitable decor for your nursery. If you prefer something that includes children’s motifs and character designs then Kidsline crib bedding may be a better fit. Brandee Danielle crib bedding provides a more simplistic design and Banana Fish crib bedding has a much more sleek and modern feel to it. Everyone has different tastes so pick something that reflects your style and inspires your baby!

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