Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower is the wonderful event, filled with a lot of happiness and joy. Getting the unique and perfect gift is something every person wants to do. One of the ways to make sure that you do not end up giving a mother to be her fourth bottle set of the day is making a homemade gift. And although that might seem like a lot of effort, there are many great homemade baby shower gift ideas out there, and many don’t require mad crafting skills!

The homemade baby gift is mostly based on the gift givers talents. The person will generally focus on what he or she is best at and so the gift is easy to make and it will automatically turn out as best. The person who knits may decide to knit a blanket, and anybody with the knack for building things may decide to construct the memory box or something that is creative and unique. Having special talent or skills is not required, though. The easiest homemade baby gifts are also there for those people without any special crafting talent.

The most important thing about homemade baby gifts is that it naturally comes from your heart. The gift giver has taken time to prepare the gift especially for the baby and mother-to-be. Some of the factors you should consider before choosing the baby shower favors are:

  • The type of shower you are planning for. Is it formal or a casual shower? this is very important as this will actually bring out the great blending of events in the occasion.
  • Confirm if there is a theme, such as butterflies or teddy bears in order to match your favors to the theme and come up with creative ideas that will make it look beautiful and precious.
  • Do all guests invited have common interest, such as gardening or cooking? If there is, use that interest for the baby shower favors.
  • Consider the amount you want to spend before starting the project. Costs for a DIY gift can quickly get out of control if you don’t plan ahead.

Homemade Baby Shower Gifts – Some Ideas

Crystal baby bottle key chains

The key chain is a thing that is very useful and every person likes it and uses it daily. Because favors should be memoirs, the key chain will be the daily reminder for the family, the baby and friends. Tie the baby bottle key chain in the tulle cloth and round it with an elegant ivory ribbon. You can even have the name of the baby inscribed in gold letters around the ribbon. And if the child has not yet gotten the name, you can use the name of the parent.

Baby shower cookie

If daddy or mommy loves cookies, then the favor will actually please them very much. You can decide to choose the theme for your cookies that will automatically match the overall theme of this party and express a personal thing about the parents. Have variety of various cookies in same color combination but in a different shape.

Porcelain baby doll

The good thing about this favor is that it is very pretty and takes long time to lasts. High number of girls and women are able to do some decorations on their rooms with the favor. You may have the baby doll that is styled in whatever the theme you have chosen for the event. But the only bad thing about this kind of favor is that most men may not appeal to it. But in this case, you can choose a different favor for the men.

Cold porcelain themed magnet

A magnet is an item that is useful and a great reminder in homes of new arrivals of the baby. Look for some creativity and make various types of magnets in the color and theme scheme that you have chosen for the baby shower. For example: if you have decided to have nautical baby shower you can then have lifesavers, sailor babies, anchors, and boats as magnets. You can display the magnet favors on the three tiered tray on the special table just for them. In this way, it will be easier for you to hand them to the guests.

Popular homemade baby shower gifts

Homemade presents

  • Basket of the baby
    This contains various items that correspond to the content that include those on the go essentials like wipes, diapers, baby food, pouches of the formula and a new onesie.
  • Yo-yo baby crib mobile
    This will be a fantastic present for mommy especially if you match it with the exact colors of the nursery and the shell should also contain something hanging in baby’s room which is unlike anyone else.
  • The tutorial camera lens pal
  • Baby shower tutorial mini album

Cute diaper gifts ideas

Diaper babies tutorial
Whip up the set of the adorable swaddled babies, and ensure all are wrapped up in the baby wash clothes and sock hats as the baby shower present idea. Put them together with a pacifiers, rattles, baby bibs and more and this will give you a great present for the baby.

Onesie cupcakes tutorial
If you have decided to give onesies at the baby shower, you can present them as the cupcakes in the cute basket and complete them with the hair bow toppings.

DIY diaper cake tutorial
This is the best tutorial on how you can build diaper cake on your own. Perfect for the centerpiece in the baby shower, the gift doubles as the party décor. You can embellish it with the baby toys and even blankets.

Bundled homemade gifts

Sushi baby shower presents
It is a creative and fun way to display the useful baby tools for the baby shower present or gift. The sushi plate is normally made of different essentials such as washcloths, onesies, socks and many more.

Container calendar paper craft
The fun and best gift idea for baby shower gift

Baby shower bouquet
The bouquet will lasts for a longer time compared to real flowers and it can double the centerpiece in the baby shower gift.

The box fold and flower felt headband
Beautiful box fold flowers that will make the sweet headband for the baby girl. It can be used in making pins and accent throw pillows.

Infant and babies shoe patterns

  • Ballet baby shoes
  • Kimono baby shoe
  • Felt baby shoe
  • Knit baby booties

Baby toy patterns

  • Ribbon balls pattern
  • Soft rattle tutorial
  • Stuffed football with ribbon tags
  • The sock monkey square snuggle
  • Giraffe crinkly sensory
  • Washcloth hand puppets

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