How Does a Baby Heart Monitor Work?
A monitor can be used at home to hear your baby's heartbeat.

How Does a Baby Heart Monitor Work?

The baby industry is one that is booming and always will. One of, if not the, most important things during any of our lives is when we bring our children into this world. There has, therefore, been built an industry that caters to the requirements of bringing children into the world and ensuring their safety. This is, above all, the most important thing that we will accomplish in our lives. With all of the safety products in the market that will be very important to a new mother, getting a baby heart monitor may turn out to be the most important purchase of all.

The baby heart monitor that you get is used in order to check on the heartbeat of the baby when it is growing inside the womb. The heartbeat of the child will be able to be detected as soon as ten weeks into the pregnancy and from then on may provide an invaluable insight into the health of your unborn child.

It is very similar to the ‘doppler effect’ when you use the monitor. This effect is akin to a train’s whistle that becomes louder and louder the closer to you it gets. Once the train has passed by, the volume of the sound then begins to get lower as it gets further away. It is something we experience whenever we pass a car on the street.

The hear monitor will allow the mother to hear the frequency of their unborn child’s heartbeat, making it as if they are already there with them. The volume of the sound is able to be changed by the mother to suit what she is after. For anyone a little hard of hearing, therefore, they will be able to turn up the volume so they can hear it more clearly.

Doctors have already been using these monitors and not only for their primary purpose, but also for other medical examinations and procedures. The purpose of the monitor, of course, is to use ultrasound to locate things. The frequency is sent out, and bounces around from point to point. The calculation of this particular speed is what creates the sounds of the heartbeat.

This is the same sort of thing that is used with ships. They will use sonar to locate things underwater that might disrupt their path such as mountains and other underwater anomalies. This sonar is also used in order to track other ships around the oceans, by bouncing signals around that hit other ships.

When you go to the gynecologist, the sonar is more or less the same as the frequencies that are used for ultrasound tests. The sounds are bounced off of the baby and then an image is created from the sounds and displayed on screen.

The reason therefore, that parents are very fond of these devices is that they magnify the heartbeat of the baby for them to hear for themselves when they are away from the hospital. Not only is this very comforting for the parents to hear that their child’s heart is beating properly, but its a great way to feel close to your child before it is born.

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