How to Find Cheap Baby Clothes

How to Find Cheap Baby Clothes

With the arrival of the credit crunch comes the ever increasing pressure on the purse strings of parents everywhere. Nowhere is this more apparent than with expensive clothing and it is therefore worth thinking carefully about how you can find cheap baby clothes. Let’s examine some tips for doing exactly that.

Tip #1
The Internet is a great place to find cheap baby clothes. In addition to eBay, try the free section of and also Be prepared to take your time and compare prices and don’t be afraid to select used items. In the world of baby clothes this can often mean that the items have been used once or even not at all. It is also possible to compare prices of new items and the various comparison sites are an ideal and simple way of doing this.

Tip #2
Another popular option is garage sales in your local area and if you visit them regularly then you can even pick up several items for just a few dollars. If you make it known in your area that you are interested in cheap baby clothes then many people will let you select what you want if you agree to get rid of what remains afterwards for them. Some people actually make a living this way by buying cheap clothing at garage sales, cleaning or washing them and then reselling them through eBay or other online auction sites.

Tip #3
Whilst the credit crunch brings pressures on personal finances, it also brings the same pressures on local businesses and it is possible to pick up cheap baby clothes at up to 70% off when a business clears stock or goes into liquidation. Also check out local charity shops, where again you can find many items for less than a dollar each. Look out for the warning signs that a business might be in trouble such as massive sales and dwindling customers each week. Many chains require hundreds of customers each day just to break even and if they’re under then you can be the beneficiary!

Tip #4
How about creating your own swap where people can come along and swap items as they see fit? As the organizer you will get to have first pick on many items and also the pick of what remains each day. It’s a great way to find cheap baby clothes at next to nothing prices as well as make some new friends!

Tip #5
Another great way of finding cheap baby clothing is to buy summer clothes in the winter and winter clothes in the summer. You will always find that buying clothing when demand is at its highest is the most expensive time to buy.  If you plan ahead it is possible to find out when the best offers are available. The discounts involved can be very high and even approach 80% if you time the purchase correctly. In common with most items, it’s a matter of supply and demand. When demand is high and availability is low then prices will be at their highest. Similarly when demand is low and availability is high then bargains can be had at crazy prices.

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