If Breastfeeding Consider an Avent Electric Breast Pump

If Breastfeeding Consider an Avent Electric Breast Pump

Breastfeeding a child is the most rewarding way to bond between a mother and her newborn. The woman is nourishing the newborn and giving them a great start into the world. Breastfeeding provides the newborn with antibodies to help fight off disease and viruses. Companies have created many products for the consumer to make this easier for a mother. For example, the Avent electric breast pump makes it simple to work and breastfeed.

The Philips Avent bottle has a wide neck and base for easier cleaning and filling. Its teat was the first to be made entirely of odorless, tasteless silicone; soft and broad in shape, it’s as close to nature as possible and has a unique venting system to help reduce colic in the newborn.

The Avent electric breast pump helps you express milk quickly, naturally and effortlessly thanks to an electronic memory. The unique electronic memory learns from you and continues your personal pumping rhythm. The secret behind the Avent electric breast pump is the patented Let-Down Massage Cushion. This soft silicone cushion has five oval “petals” that gently massage the area around the nipple as you pump – just like your baby does when feeding – stimulating the let-down reflex. By lightly pressing the handle, you can also adjust the suction power to the perfect level.

Published by Pediatrics (the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics) in June 2001, a randomized trial proved that mothers using the Avent breast pump expressed more milk than those using a hospital-grade electric breast pump.

There are so many benefits to this type of feeding. For example, the health benefits alone to the mother and child outweigh feeding the child formula. A woman’s risk of breast and uterine cancer diminishes if they choose this option. Studies have proved there is a link for this decrease. A mother can lose her postpartum weight quicker. Breastfeeding delays fertility because you cannot get pregnant again while nursing.

There are numerous benefits for the child. Nursing helps the child form a tight bond with the mother. Mothers receive antibodies that fight disease, so children have a lower risk of ear infections and getting ill during the nursing period.

Studies have revealed that children who nurse have a higher IQ than those that drank formula. The children who nurse are less likely to suffer from obesity and juvenile diabetes. Breast milk is easier to digest. There is less colic associated with it.

Feeding an infant formula is expensive. An average cost to feed a newborn formula throughout the first year of life is about $800 to $1,200. Formula can cause more stomach upset and spitting up. Formula is not eco friendly and impacts the environment with all of the plastics, cans, and packaging ending up in landfills.

In today’s world, a woman can easily return to work and continue to nurse. The Avent electric breast pump can be utilized for that purpose. A mother can pump the milk and store it for use later. This is great for the newborn that is at a babysitter during the day while the mother is at work. The baby will still enjoy the benefits of breast milk.

Employers are hearing the cries of mothers across the country. Most of them are coming around to accommodating women who nurse. There are many employers that now have nursing rooms for women. These secluded rooms allow a woman to pump while at work. After the pumping is completed, the mother can store the milk in the freezer until it is time to go home for the day.

Feeding infants is always a concern for new parents. The debate between formula and breast milk is a constant controversy. Today’s thought and studies have revealed that there are many benefits to an infant drinking breast milk. These benefits greatly outweigh any negatives. It gives the infant a great start in life. There are also many health benefits for the mother. This type of feeding is greatly encouraged by physicians and hospitals. After birth, hospitals provide lactation specialists to the new mother to assist with any issues arising from nursing. Many provide outreach services to the new mother and baby when they return home. You can read more about buying an Avent electric breast pump, or other electric breast pumps, here.

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