Inexpensive Baby Shower Invitations

Inexpensive Baby Shower Invitations

Planning a baby shower can be an expensive task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many things that a baby shower hostess can do to plan a fabulous baby shower on a budget. Some really good suggestions for anyone planning a baby shower on a budget is first, do your homework, second shop around and finally be prepared for some do-it-yourself projects.  A good place to start is with the baby shower invitations. The invitations are important to the shower and they set the tone for the whole event, but they do not have to cost a fortune. After you make your guest list and determine how many invitations you will need to send start thinking in terms of price per invitation, plus postage.  You will also want to do this for each stage of the baby shower, the decorations, food, games, etc. Then decide how much money you have to spend on the entire shower and start looking for ways to stretch that budget. This is the ‘homework’ portion of the project. Realistically you will probably find that it is easier to save money on some areas of the shower than others. One easy way to cut costs and save a little money is on the baby shower invitations.  Here are some ideas and suggestions that will help you to find or create beautiful, personalized and inexpensive baby shower invitations.

What are the Options?

There are several options when it comes to baby shower invitations. The main thing is to try to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. What is the theme of the shower? Is it going to be gender specific?  Is your theme something that will be easy to find in stores (i.e. a jungle theme) or is it something that is more unique and harder to find so more DIY projects will be necessary (i.e. children’s nursery rhymes).

Option 1 – A retail store such as Party City or Target. Within these stores you will find a few different options in terms of invitations.

  • The first option is the pre-made invitation. These are sold in a bound package of usually 8 invitations and include envelopes. They are one of the least expensive options at around $.50 per invitation, but they involve more time as you will need to handwrite all of the shower information on them before you can send them.  The biggest problem with these is they look messy unless you have beautiful handwriting.
  • The second option is the standard printable invitation kit.  This kit includes a predesigned invitation that is blank on the inside. When you get it home you can type the information for the shower on your computer and then manually feed those invitations into your printer and it will print the information onto your invitation, giving it a professional look. These kits allow you to print your own invitations onto a predesigned template for around $.41 each, plus printer ink.  The problem with these is you have to proof read your information before you print it or you could print several before you realize you have spelled something wrong.
  • The third option, which is not available at all retail stores, is online customizable invitations. Party City allows you to create an invitation online, choosing from several design options and then add your own text to create the perfect invitation. These invitations are then shipped with envelopes within about 5 days and cost around $2.00 each.

Option 2 – A professional printing company.  I know when you see the word ‘professional’ you do not think inexpensive, but printers do offer some options are very affordable.  Companies such as Tiny Prints, VistaPrint, Shutterfly and Snapfish all offer invitation printing options that are usually at or under $1.00 for each invitation.

  • Tiny Prints allows you to customize your invitations online and have them shipped for around $.99 each + shipping. The good thing about this option is that they offer a free online RSVP service with each order. They will also send you 3 free samples of different invitations that you can look at before placing your order.
  • VistaPrint not only allows you to customize your invitations in several different sizes and shapes, but you can upload your own design if you want. These invitations cost around $.59 each + shipping and allow you to upload and add a photo to our invitations if you wish.
  • Sutterfly and Snapfish are perfect options if you are purchasing a larger number of invitations. They offer discounts for bulk orders and allow you to completely customize your invitations and to choose specific details such as the type of paper that they are printed on.  These invitations range in price depending on the number ordered, but are generally between $.100 and $2.00 each for smaller numbers and $.79 and $.63 each for bulk orders.

Option 3 – Download and print your own from a template. If you are looking for baby shower invitations quickly and cannot wait for a company to print them and ship them this is a good option. There are several online resources where you can download a baby shower invitation template that you can customize and print on your won. Usually these templates are in a .pdf format. Most are very reasonably priced and some are even free.

  • A company called Download & Print will allow you to choose from a catalogue of templates the design that you want to download.  Then for a reasonable price (a $15.00 flat fee) you can download the design, customize it and print it as many times as you want. There is no limit to the number that you can print because you own a copy of that template to use as often as you want. This could be a good investment if you could potentially host more than one baby shower in a year.
  • Another place to find online printable templates is at Do-It-Yourself-Invitations. This company offers a variety of invitations that can be downloaded and printed and offers step-by-step instructions on how to create your own invitations that are very cute and crafty.

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