Looking for Baby Gift Ideas?

Looking for Baby Gift Ideas?

Ever been stuck for an idea of what to buy a baby and want some baby gift ideas? Most people stick to traditional baby gifts such as stuffed animals or new baby gift baskets but if you fancy something different then there is a wealth of choice out there if you start to think outside of the box.

One of the great baby gift ideas is a Horoscope chart – made up by a professional astrologer with the date and even the time of the baby’s entry into the world. New moms love this idea and it also provides an item of long lasting interest to the baby as they grow older and can read it for themselves.

Another winner in baby gift ideas is a “mood” CD which provides soothing and familiar sounds to the baby, such as a mother’s heartbeat. This obviously reminds the baby of the recent calm environment of the womb and some parents report that such a CD soothes their baby to the extent that peaceful sleep ensues.

If you are a budding artist then why not try painting a simple scene. Use plenty of bright colors and dramatic shapes since this keeps a baby’s interest. Some artists have also developed this idea and glued sound making electronics to a painting. The electronics are taken from the musical cards that are prevalent these days and the beauty of this is that there is a plethora of different sounds available.

Another in baby gift ideas is a copy of a wide selling national newspaper for the day of the baby’s birth. Try and choose one of the upmarket papers which provides plenty of news and information. Again this makes a fascinating read as the years fly by for both parents and baby alike. Some people have taken this a stage further by providing the daily newspaper for each day of the baby’s first month of life.

A recent trend is to buy the number 1 single or album in the charts on the day of the baby’s birth. Nothing represents an era more than music of the times and it’s surprising how music changes over a comparatively short period of time. If you really want to extend baby gift ideas then what about a boxed set of the top ten singles, each on CD? This gives a real sense of the music of the times and with it the musical tastes of those times.

This baby gift idea can be extended to TV programs or even films. Boxed sets are available and it is relatively easy to pick an appropriate title to suit the baby’s name. You can even pick a TV show that is relative and appropriate to the parents.

If you want to buy a baby gift with a difference then what about something from the town where the baby was conceived? Baby gift ideas with a real difference, some gift givers take this to a whole new level. One set of parents even received a cake from the town in England which they had visited just over 9 months earlier whilst on honeymoon – this cake was the imaginatively titled “Bakewell Tart”!

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