Make a Diaper Baby for Shower Fun

Make a Diaper Baby for Shower Fun

Making a diaper baby is a fun way to get into a baby shower. This new baby shower phenomenon has been sweeping the nation as fun and crafty people make a baby out of nothing more than diapers and some baby paraphernalia. When making a diaper baby, try to remember the point of creating this little being of fresh diapers.

Is the mother to be about to have a boy? A girl? Is it possible that you can make the diaper baby reflect the same amount of characteristics that most babies have in common with their new moms? It’s certainly fun to try. Since this is a baby shower party item, it certainly doesn’t need to be perfect. The more fun you have creating him or her the more he or she will be appreciated the day of the shower.

Your supplies for the diaper baby are pretty nominal. Obviously, you need some diapers. It’s best to pick up an entire package, as many people report using anywhere from 40 to 70 diapers when making their babies. You will also need some sort of elastic fasteners. Elastic pony tail holders can do the job well, as do rubber bands. It’s best to avoid scrunchies or other large elastics, as this will detract from the overall look of the diaper baby.

You will also need to dress and adorn the new baby. A silemp baby outfit should be plenty for dressing him or her. Alternatively, a pacifier or a baby rattle can be used to add the appropriate adornments to make him or her more identifiable as a new baby.

To start the process, you will want to make the diaper baby’s legs and arms first. You do this by simply opening up a diaper and then rolling it tightly. Most babies have arms that seem much longer than their legs, even though they are technically quite proportionate. If you are using a long sleeve onesie you can roll up two diapers per arm. If your outfit has long legs as well as long arms, roll up two diapers to place end to end for the extremities.

Once you have the arms and legs rolled up tightly, you want to get to work on the diaper baby body and head. You want the body to be larger, or plumper, than the head. You start the process for each segment by opening up a fresh diaper and loosely wrapping it up. Some people use a piece of toilet paper or paper towel roll cardboard in order to get started. For each section you simply keep wrapping new diapers around the old ones, creating a nice round and plump ball.

In order to keep everything in place, wrap an elastic band around the outside of the finished product. While it is not necessary to use the diaper tabs to secure the sections together, some people do for a bit of added security. The elastic will also help secure the arms and legs to the main body. You simply need to wrap additional elastic around the body and the appendage that you want held securely.

When your head and body are nice and round and plump you want to get the diaper baby dressed. Add a hat, perhaps a pacifier, and even a bib to complete the look you’re going for. You can add some craft wiggle eyes or paint some eyes on the face if you wish. Get creative and have fun with the diaper baby. Enjoy the diaper baby at the baby shower of your choice.

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  1. How do you keep the body and the head connected???

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