Make Your Own Baby Boy Gift Basket

Make Your Own Baby Boy Gift Basket

When shopping for the contents of a baby boy gift basket there are several matters to keep in mind. The first should be the price limit that can be afforded. Once that is established, knowing what the infant needs and what you would like to get are both of importance and should be figured out so you can move on with your plan and your purchases.

Another thing to keep in mind is how well you know the new parents and if you are close enough to them to know of their personal situation such as if they are prepared for the newborn and to what extent. There are other things that can help, like knowing if this child is the first for the new parents or if they have already had babies because this will help determine if they are starting from scratch or possibly already have much of the basics.

To start, you will need a receptacle to hold the items you’ll be filling it with. One idea is a toy box that is not too large but big enough to hold the items you’ve chosen for the baby boy gift basket. You can also use a gift box or basket – there are lots of shapes and sizes to choose from. A good place to look is your local crafts store, or toy store. If you need a little extra help, there are even websites that will guide you through the whole process online!

You’ll also need to consider your theme. You can go with the basics theme, such as diapers, wipes, baby powder, etc. Or choose a color. The obvious choice here is blue, but you can also go with other neutral colors, such as green or tan. A sports theme is another fun candidate for your baby boy gift basket.

The next step is to find a cute blanket or afghan that can loosely line the toy box and also partially cover the contents when you’re done filling it. Other lining ideas could be a towel or any idea you like and once that is in place, you can place the individual gifts like the outfits in the box while you consider what else you’d like to add.

Baby booties, slippers, socks, sleepers and baby gowns, are just a few things to consider along with other baby necessities you may wish to give. A stuffed animal of preference is a cute addition, along with things like a mobile, teething toys, rattles, and other little gadgets but remember this is a newborn so everything needs to be soft and safe for the little guy.

When you’ve placed everything in the toy box, take the ends of the blanket that is lining the box and loosely flap the ends over the contents or however it looks good if it was not big enough. Adding a bow, ribbon, and/or your own personal touch will complete your baby boy gift basket that you can proudly present to the special little guy that will receive this gift of love made especially by you for him.

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