Designing a Vintage Baby Nursery

vintage baby

The elegant and romantic notion that vintage baby wear stands for is still apparent even in modern baby shops. The classic charm of a vintage nursery can be achieved with a little creativity and aesthetic flair. You will find a lot of vintage baby nursery bedding readily available, with plenty of frills, pastel colors and a classic Victorian look. A ... Read More »

Choosing a Diaper Backpack for Dad

diaper backpack

Choosing a diaper bag that dad feels comfortable carrying can be a difficult task. Mom’s style often won’t reflect that of dad and he will likely object to carrying around something that looks like a handbag! A diaper backpack could be the solution. Even a designer diaper bag can now be found in the backpack style. The diaper bag backpack ... Read More »

Baby Couture with CoCaLo Crib Bedding

cocalo crib bedding

CoCaLo baby bedding takes the lead in the art of affordable baby couture. CoCaLo crib bedding is designed with interior design as well as baby’s needs in mind. Most of the ranges are available as crib sets and matching accessories are available to complete your nursery couture. CoCaLo shares some similarities to the Kidsline crib bedding range but adds a ... Read More »

How to Make a Baby Quilt

baby quilt

Making a baby quilt adds a great personal touch to any baby room. It is not as hard as it sounds to make a baby quilt from scratch and it can be very rewarding. There are just a few simple steps involved in making your very own personalized baby blankets. Baby quilt patterns come in all shapes and sizes so ... Read More »

Designing a Winnie the Pooh Nursery

winnie the pooh nursery

A Winnie the Pooh nursery should be planned to the last detail to create the best experience for your child. You will most likely want to share your favorite childhood characters with your baby and Winnie the Pooh is an excellent place to start. With the range of color themes and neutral characters it is a very popular choice. Winnie ... Read More »

All About Glenna Jean Crib Bedding

glenna jean crib bedding

Glenna Jean is one of the most respected brand names in the baby nursery industry. The company was started when Glenna Jean herself was unhappy with the lack of nursery design available. In a time when nursery accessories were all about functionality and showed no signs of fashion, Glenna Jean led the way in designer nursery fashion. Glenna Jean crib ... Read More »

Choosing Baby Boy Crib Bedding

boy crib bedding

Choosing baby boy bedding can be difficult if you are not used to the available solutions. Initially it may seem as if there are not as many choices as there are for girls but there are actually many different themes available. With boy crib bedding modern and rustic designs are now widely used, as well as themes like sports or ... Read More »

Reasons to Buy a Recaro Baby Seat

recaro car seat

A Recaro baby seat is a child safety product that is respected for its quality and assurance in safety testing and comfort science. From the company’s initial origin as a manufacturer of car bodies, and the inventor of the first car seat with an integrated seat belt, they are able to take a new perspective regarding the art of designing ... Read More »

Top Pick: Burberry Diaper Bag

burberry diaper bag

Every woman regards Burberry as a special accessory treasure these days. Did you know that they even have the designer Burberry diaper bag? Just like Louis Vuitton diaper bags and Prada diaper bags, you are able to take full control of your life by organizing your items in a fashionable way. This is the perfect setting for any baby items ... Read More »

Parenting in Style with a Gucci Diaper Bag

gucci diaper bag

Whilst a new baby may bring a lot of changes into your life, your fashion sense doesn’t have to be one of them. Celebrities have proved that a designer diaper bag is the perfect accessory for all trendy new mothers. Practicality combined with sleek, stylish looks used to be nothing but a dream but thanks to several top brand names ... Read More »