Should You Use a Crib Bumper?

crib bumper

The crib bumper has met some controversy in recent years but it is still possible to adorn your crib in a way that is safe for baby. Many safety issues occur from ties coming loose so you should always make sure that fastenings are secure and away from your baby. Many manufacturers no longer use ties that can be harmful ... Read More »

Are Soothie Bottles BPA Free?

soothie bottles

Soothie is a well known brand of baby bottles produced by the company The First Years. They are a leading brand in the industry and now produce a range of BPA free products. If you are unfamiliar with BPA (Bisphenol A) it is an organic compound used to make epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastic sometimes found in baby bottle teats. ... Read More »

Choosing Your Designer Diaper Bag

designer diaper bag

A designer diaper bag is a definite must-have item for all fashion conscious young moms but which is the best in terms of quality, durability and style? Most brand names have their own baby range and it is not difficult to find something that will suit your style. If your usual style is cute, colorful and fun without losing practicality ... Read More »

Why Should You Use a Mini Crib?

mini crib

A mini crib can be a good choice for parents in many situations. Whether space is limited or the family travels a lot, it can provide a solution to many problems. This small baby bed can easily be moved from room to room if your child likes to sleep with mom and dad temporarily and they are often lightweight enough ... Read More »

Benefits of Crib Bumpers

crib bumpers

All mothers, fathers, and child specialists always do their best to stop anything that could harm the baby. If you often worry about your crib baby getting tangled up in the crib sheets, then hitting their head on the wooden area in a struggle to get out – there are a few ways you can prevent this from happening. One ... Read More »

How To Choose Your Nappy Bag

nappy bags

Nappy bags or nappy changing bags are one of the necessities you should purchase before having your baby. They are a purpose-designed bag for holding all of baby’s essentials when you are out and about. They come in a range of styles and sizes and you can find nappy bags designed for day to day wear or for longer trips. ... Read More »

Baby Room Decorating

Before your child is born, it’s a good idea to prepare everything for the baby room, including furniture, themes, baby nursery bedding, and the latest decorating ideas. You want to make their new environment feel cozy and welcoming. A typical room for a girl will have a pink bedding set, 3-5 pieces of furniture, cute pictures on the wall, and ... Read More »

Which Changing Mats Are Best for Your Baby?

Changing mats are one of the essential items that must be considered when shopping for your new baby. It is one of those items that must be safe for your infant but it doesn’t have to change the look of your nursery. You should consider the shape and size required and shop around for a style that suits your baby ... Read More »

Baby Headbands and Accessories

Having a child is an exciting experience but often requires a lot of work. You are constantly kept up in the middle of the night due to their sleeping issues. In the long run though, having a child is worth it. Making sure your child looks their best is very important because if you accessorize your baby with items the ... Read More »

Baby Sleeping Bags – Shopping Tips

baby sleeping bags

Camping is a fun, family oriented event that everyone loves to enjoy. Some of the events include fishing, looking up at the stars, going river swimming and hiking. This is a perfect event to share with the family as there is much to do and the bonding time is endless. However, a new mother will be slightly concerned before bringing ... Read More »