Nappy Changing Bags – What Every Mother Needs

nappy changing bags

Nappy changing bags have become popular over recent years with new styles coming out every few months. If you are a new mom, it doesn’t mean you have to risk your style after you have your child. You can always use nappy changing bags to make a bold fashion statement. Just a few of the popular styles are the Stokke ... Read More »

Similac Baby Formula Recall

Similac Advance Baby Formula Recall

There’s breaking news about a large Similac baby formula recall due to possible insect contamination. Yes, there have been insect parts found in some containers of Similac baby formula. Pretty disgusting! The recall is broad and potentially millions of containers of the product have been recalled by the manufacturer. The only good news in all of this is that the ... Read More »

Snuggle Blanket – The Best for Your Baby

snuggle blanket

Every toddler cherishes their snuggle blanket these days. This is a perfect baby shower gift or birthday present. Children’s security blankets offer the most comfort and warmth compared to most. You can easily get a snuggle blanket at your local retail store like Kmart or Walmart. They also sell hundreds of them online in different styles and colors. You’ll definitely ... Read More »

The All Essential Changing Mat

changing mat

A mother will always bring her baby around with her, practically everywhere unless there is a babysitter. This is because spending the first few months together is very important. You want to be close to your child most of the time. However, there are instances you must travel to work, a friend’s house, or to visit your family. Most mothers ... Read More »

How Does the Juicy Couture Diaper Bag Measure Up?

juicy couture diaper bag

Designer diaper bags are a must have item for every stylish new mom but with so many to choose from which do you pick? Many designer brands now have entire baby ranges to help you and your child get around in style but the price tags can certainly be extreme. A Gucci diaper bag can sell for over $900. Many ... Read More »

Pooh Baby – A Timeless Gift

pooh baby

Every mother and father loves Pooh Baby when it comes to birthdays and baby showers. There are plenty of Pooh Baby pictures, furniture, accessories, and other Pooh Baby stuff that you can gather to create the perfect baby shower gift. If you know that your friend or family member has just moved in, they may need a lamp for the ... Read More »

Fun with Crib Sets

Shopping for baby nursery bedding can be an exciting task in a parent’s life – especially if this is your very first child. In the stores, you’ll find modern crib sets, crib bedding, crib furniture sets and so much more to choose from. Before you set out on your shopping adventure, think about the style you want for the baby ... Read More »

Using Baby Cloth Diapers for Your Child

baby cloth diapers

The term baby cloth diapers have got completely eliminated in the past few years. The recent batch of new parents are more inclined towards the disposable diapers rather than the cotton diapers. However, quite a few are shifting back to cloth diapers again. The reason for this shifting can be many. So here we will be discussing some of the ... Read More »

Why Choose a Kalencom Diaper Bag?

kalencom diaper bag

Kalencom is a company that specializes in domestic products and provides a huge range of infant accessories. Their ranges come in a large variety of colors and sizes making them one of the more versatile places to buy from. But why should you choose a Kalencom diaper bag to carry your baby’s necessities? Focusing on a small example of the ... Read More »