Coach Diaper Bag Cake

Coach Diaper Bag Cake

There are few things more luxurious for a mom than a really nice Coach Diaper bag. But we recently came across something that’s a little more, shall we say, delicious. Check out this baby shower cake created to look exactly like a Coach Diaper Bag. It was created by a woman who had a friend that was really into designer ... Read More »

What to Put in Your Baby Bag

baby bag

If you are a new mother, you will need to know what to put in your baby bag. It will boil right down to a matter of common sense, really. You will need to visualize where you are going and what you could possibly need for your child while you are there. Depending on how old your child is will ... Read More »

The Features of a Baby High Chair

baby high chair

Being a parent of a small kid is one of the world’s biggest blessings that anyone can have. Your life becomes complete once you have a baby playing in your lap. But with this happiness there comes a lot of responsibility. The first and the foremost responsibility is that you have to be with your child all the time. You ... Read More »

Why Don’t You Carry a Baby Changing Bag

baby changing bag

How wonderful it feels when you become a mother, but with this beautiful gift there also comes a lot of responsibilities with it. If you are a mother then you probably know the problems associated when you are going out with your little one. If you are going out for awhile with your child then there are plenty of items ... Read More »

The Best Tips for Baby Feeding

baby feeding

Young mothers are often searching for baby feeding tips and advice. Having a child is the best thing that can happen to you. This is why you want to do everything to protect your baby. Learn what is the best food for him and help him stay healthy and happy. If this is your first child you can also ask ... Read More »