Personalized Baby Books – Tips & Tricks

Personalized Baby Books – Tips & Tricks

Personalized baby books capture the precious moments of your child, and with an individual touch, help make it unique and something you’ll always cherish and remember.

Every moment with your baby is one to treasure. There are so many firsts that are important for parents to remember and record. From hospital photos, to first steps, children can look back fondly on their infancy with a personalized baby book.

Baby books can help organize all those memorable occasions. I remember when I asked my mother what my first word was, she had to go rummaging through old school boxes to find a napkin scribbled with baby talk. As babies grow they’re bound to surprise you with beautiful, funny, and enlightening moments. It’s good to have a place to log your baby’s development.

Personalized baby books can help to instill fond memories for your child. Children are fascinated by their early years and baby books can allow a priceless look back.

Custom designed baby books are an important touch to such a personal keepsake. The cover and bindings will set the design theme for the book. Since this will be a lifelong possession it’s important you choose a lasting classic look, rather than a trendy or current design. For this reason, many parents opt for a traditional script and a soft color palette.

I suggest sticking to embroidered names or monograms for a simple yet elegant option as the title. Don’t get caught up in witty or cute headings, even something like “My Story” can be tacky. Pictures can also be added to the cover, however in my opinion they’re best left on the inside.

The inside can be a great outlet for parent’s creativity. Some baby books come with pre-made cutouts and phrases, for example “Baby’s First Steps.” These features can serve as a helpful outline to organizing your baby’s memories. Other parents might opt for a blank book so they may create their own timeline or themes. For this reason it’s important to know what kind of package you’re buying. If you’re using an online realtor, make sure you can take a peak inside the book before purchasing.

I understand it can be easy to fall behind on updating the book. Keep a folder with notes and keepsakes so you can add anything you find important later on when you have a moment to spare.

Learning the art of scrapbook making will prove useful far beyond your child’s infancy. Making a baby book may strike a habit that will help you track your family’s history. These books are the most thoughtful and heartfelt inheritance your family could ask for.

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