Picking Out Baby Bags

Picking Out Baby Bags

Most new parents quickly realize that good baby bags are an absolute necessity to carry the various equipment required when out and about with a baby. The most useful items diapers, baby food, something to drink, baby wipes, spare clothes and any particular medicines that the baby might need.

Bag designers have now realized that parents want much more than somewhere to simply store baby equipment and they have spent considerable resources to make the baby bag not just useful for storage but fashionable as well. Modern moms want to be able to match the baby bag with a particular outfit.

Think carefully about the kind of bag that you might need. One example is when planning to make a lengthy journey and for this you might choose either a sling diaper bag or a backpack diaper bag. The best examples have dual straps which are designed to prevent back strain by spreading the load being carried across a larger area whilst protecting the lower back. They also allow you to have two free hands to hold the baby or deal with any issues that may arise.

Baby bags are made of various materials and here again it is worth thinking about your needs carefully. The prime requirement is that the bag should be easy to clean and preferably waterproof. Accidents are common with young children and a bag made from the right material can be a very useful item to have with you when the inevitable accident happens.

Another requirement is that the baby bag should have sturdy and non slip handles, together with an insulated pocket designed to carry hot drink bottles. The best baby bags are so well insulated that it is not uncommon to be able to keep a bottle warm for several hours. The other general rule is that the more pockets the bag contains the better! There sometimes seems no end to the number of items you need therefore you will need a number of pockets for such items as wallets, cell phones, and diapers.

A good tip is to have two bags, one small and one large. The first is ideal for short trips to the local shops or to visit a relative and the larger one for longer journeys when more items and supplies might be required.

If you want designer baby bags then there are a number of options such as the Kate Spade diaper bag, Chanel, Petunia Pickle. Louis Vuitton and Coach diaper bag. Whilst these are very expensive they are the preferred option for celebrities and this fact alone makes them very popular. Typical prices for a designer baby bag are from $200 upwards.

Whatever type and style of baby bag you choose you will find it is one of the most important accessories that a parent can buy. Always go for durability, strength, comfort, and ease of cleaning as the main requirements with as much storage space as possible. You will use such bags so often and find them so useful that you will wonder how you managed without one for so long.

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