Putting Together Baby Girl Gift Baskets

Putting Together Baby Girl Gift Baskets

They say it is the most wonderful thing to be expecting a baby girl, and baby girl gift baskets top off the joy.

Pink is the popular color, and there are many shades of this very feminine hue. You can be creative and include all the different shades to make it stand out in different dimensions. Perhaps very pale pink in the background with tissue paper and a lovely artificial flower spray accompanying the tissue. And in the middle of the gift basket, there could be a darker shade of pink tissue paper, along with a large stuffed bright pink elephant holding the other presents. Towards the front could be a collection of toys in a dark pink box or smaller carrier. There are just so many different combinations to think of for your baby girl gift basket ideas.

Yellow is also a very acceptable color for your gift basket, and the different shades of it will unlock lots of ideas from the imagination. Or you could try lilac and lighter purples.

When putting this very special present together, not only is the content and presentation a main focus, but also the items inside. Some of them will be for the newborn, of course. But many of them will be for the mother. It is important to understand that she will also need many things to provide comfort to her new child. From bottles to wash cloths, diapers to baby powder, lotions to hair brushes, and the list goes on.

Practical items are very much appreciated. Unconventional products can accompany your baby girl gift basket, as well, but keep them to a minimum. The idea is to welcome this new bundle of joy to the world, giving the newborn and mother all the things they will need to begin the long journey.

And as far as toys for the child, be sure they are safe. If you are not sure of the age for which the toy is appropriate, read the label. It should say something like, “Made for Ages 0 to 2.” You should also read the label for warning signs and dangerous chemicals they might be made with, often from other countries. You want to make sure, if you can, that the toy does not include lead paint. Even today these toys are still on the market.

And finally, a monetary present is always welcome. This way, necessities can be purchased if there is something that the mother and little one need but do not receive before the birth. There is always something, after all. However, if you are going to include money in baby girl gift baskets, be sure it is sticking up in a decorative envelope and easy to find and pull out, so that it does not get lost in the toys and perhaps misplaced. And have fun putting your baby girl gift basket together! It will truly be a memorable present.

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