Reasons to Buy a Recaro Baby Seat

Reasons to Buy a Recaro Baby Seat

A Recaro baby seat is a child safety product that is respected for its quality and assurance in safety testing and comfort science. From the company’s initial origin as a manufacturer of car bodies, and the inventor of the first car seat with an integrated seat belt, they are able to take a new perspective regarding the art of designing child restraints for the family vehicle.

The Recaro brand puts safety first in the design of its baby seats, and no measure of protection is forgone for purpose of superficial aesthetics. Many automobile incidents that involve a side impact can result in injury or death for children at the focal point of impact. For this reason, these baby and child seats are reinforced inside their internal frames with aluminum, and every model is thoroughly crash tested to make sure it can withstand the required strains as indicated by both British and American safety associations.

There are four styles of car seat available, with newborn infants starting out in a seat designed especially to protect their tiny bodies. These seats have to make up for the weight that a baby does not yet posses so the seat will not shift around during transportation. After reaching over twenty pounds, the baby can be moved to a larger seat, or use the versatile convertible seat which can last a child the rest of their car-seat-required years.

With the convertible seat, different components comprising the seat itself can be adjusted to handle a child’s growth so constant replacement of car seats is no longer necessary. This will last the child all the way from the first stages of a newborn to the age of seven. Before this adjustable technology was developed, far more exact measurements of height and weight, and almost yearly a new seat was required.

Baby and toddler seats find their greatest safety within the method of restraint and how solidly held in place they can remain during a possible accident. Some cars come with an extra buckle slot, into which a latch hook can be buckled, and Recaro keeps up with this new step in safety technology in accordance with suggestions by top professional organizations.

LATCH is a method of restraint which holds the child in with crossed buckles over the front, hooked up to the seat of the car by straps constructed into the the baby seat’s bottom. It also indicates the use of a tether for frontal facing seats that connect to a support system on the head rest area on a back row seat. They also fill their seats with specialized EPS foam, otherwise used in filling bike helmets, safety vests, and other impact absorbing products for maximum shock absorption.

Constructed on the surface from soft, durable, and high quality fabrics, the seats are comfortable on a child’s skin and easy to clean. Recaro’s seats have been featured, advertised, and suggested in many parenting and lifestyle magazines as among the best options on the market to protect and carry children while inside vehicles.

For anyone in the market with a child in need of vehicle protection, a Recaro baby seat is one of the most cost effective in the long run. Made for endurance, longevity and sheer quality, Recaro seats can give parents the peace of mind they need while driving with their baby. With top notch warranties and customer service if ever desired, this baby product will continue to serve its purpose long into the child’s future until they have outgrown the necessary safe weight limit.

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