Round Baby Cribs: Choosing the Right One

The biggest gift that life can give to any parents is a small baby. More than this, if you can give your child a little smile on his or her face, then that particular smile will be the biggest gift that they can give you. So surely you would love to give your little one the life of an angel right out of fairy tales. If you are planning something special for your newborn, then the first step towards this should be making the nursery look more like the room of a princess or an angel. And, for this we recommend getting beautiful-looking round baby cribs.

round baby cribIf you have a fascination for making your baby’s room very different from others, then surely the round crib will fulfill your desire. This round baby cribs give the look of a princess bed, just like a fairy tale. And for you, your child is your angel so why not give your angel the best and the most luxurious comfort.

The round crib comes in various colors. But mostly the light satin colors are the most preferred ones. Some of the popular colors include white, pink, light blue, ivory, light yellow and many more.

The sides of the round baby cribs are quite high, so it gives the perfect protection to your infant. Even if your child can stand, he or she won’t fall from this crib due to its high sides. So regarding the safety measures you can completely rely upon these bed.

Even the materials used in them are of the best quality. Generally in the market you will find round baby cribs made of wood. And the mattresses are made of cotton, chenille, velvet, silk and many more. All these materials used in the round baby cribs will make sure that your little one is in the most safest place. These materials will also give the ultimate comfort.

You can even choose various theme-based round baby cribs. If you don’t want to go for the fairy tale theme, then you can opt for other themes which include flowers, the sky and stars; you can also go for a jungle or animal theme. Each of these themes will give your baby’s room the most unique look. All of these themes are easily available in the market.

Regarding the price, you have to be well prepared as these round baby cribs are more expensive than the normal ones. So if you are planning to buy them, be prepared to spend a bit more than you actually expected.

Also, you will get convertible round cribs in the market which are a bit more expensive than the normal round crib. However, these high priced ones can even be used when your baby grows up. So this expenditure will be worth it. You can use the convertible baby crib even when your child turns 7 or 8 years old.

Some of the round baby cribs come with extra side curtains, false curtain ceilings and extra curtains at the base which make them really protected from all the sides. Moreover these curtains lend a rich and beautiful look to the crib.

Some of the round baby cribs even come with extra drawers at the bottom, where you can keep your baby’s belongings. Thus they can also work as a storage place for your baby’s belongings.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Apart from the many brands of baby cribs that you find available, it is important that you find one that is JPMA certified (Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association).

    Baby crib hazards had resulted in many crib fatalities from many parts of the country. Many high street brands had product recalls in the past couple of years due to such unfortunate incidents.

    Though some baby cribs you find looks sturdy and lavishly well built, the price, the materials used(wood formaldehyde substance), the design and the location form where it was produce should paint you a clearer picture before deciding your purchase.

    Look for responsible retailers selling JPMA certified goods. At times such crib you found that fulfills most if not all you requirements seems pretty pricy but be reminded that the one who is sleeping and spending most of his/her time in it is priceless.

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