Should You Use a Crib Bumper?

Should You Use a Crib Bumper?

The crib bumper has met some controversy in recent years but it is still possible to adorn your crib in a way that is safe for baby. Many safety issues occur from ties coming loose so you should always make sure that fastenings are secure and away from your baby. Many manufacturers no longer use ties that can be harmful and alternative fastenings are more commonly used.

Another issue with crib bumper safety is air flow. Some crib bumpers can restrict the amount of air circulating around baby and can be an issue if your child likes to turn in the night. A good solution to this concern lies in the breathable crib bumper. This is usually fine, breathable material creating a mesh crib bumper. It is often weaved between the bars of your crib and is much safer than padded bumpers.

This method of fastening combined with the fine fabric also prevents babies escaping by climbing the bumpers. If your bumper does have strings make sure they are securely fastened and out of reach of your baby. You can also trim excess length from the ties to help make them safer.

To ensure the best for your baby you may want to find an organic crib bumper made from natural breathable materials. Most of these will be undyed and unbleached, white crib sets meaning there is little variety in these eco-friendly products.

If you are struggling to find a bumper set that meets your needs for safety or matches your baby nursery bedding then you may want to purchase a crib bumper sewing pattern. Bumpers are relatively simple to make and adapt to your needs and adds a personalized touch to your nursery. Purchased patterns will include instructions but don’t be afraid to use your creativity. Try not to attach any buttons or bows to your bumpers to prevent baby choking and ensure that it is securely stitched before use.

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