Similac Baby Formula Recall
Many cans of Similac Baby Formula are being recalled due to insect infestation.

Similac Baby Formula Recall

There’s breaking news about a large Similac baby formula recall due to possible insect contamination. Yes, there have been insect parts found in some containers of Similac baby formula. Pretty disgusting! The recall is broad and potentially millions of containers of the product have been recalled by the manufacturer. The only good news in all of this is that the recall only affects the powder formula. If you have liquid formula, you’re ok.

The main products affected by the recall are the 8-oz., 12.4 oz, and the 12.9 oz cans of Similac powder sold in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and other nations in the Caribbean. You can easily check the manufacturer’s web site to determine if your specific can is affected. When we checked the web site, however, it was busy and very slow to respond so we’ve listed all the affected lot numbers below for your convenience. You can also call a toll-free phone number if you would like for information about the recall:

Similac Recall Hotline: 800-986-8850

Similac Baby Formula Recall Lot Numbers

Here’s the full list of lot numbers in the recall.

  • 87932T20
  • 88117T26
  • 78208T2
  • 88136T20
  • 91433t20
  • 800-986-8850
  • 800-545-5216
  • 800-515-7677
  • 800-986-8800
  • 847-937-6100
  • (847) 935-8865
  • (847)935-3456
  • 66128RB6
  • 61251 RB6
  • 61347RB
  • 84314 RB
  • 85454 T2
  • 86580 T20
  • 88137T20
  • 90372T20

Bugs? Eeeewww

Here is a little more background on what exactly happened. This is a voluntary recall because the company determined that some of the power product may contain beetles. A company spokesperson said that some small beetles were discovered in cans produced at their factory in Sturgis, Michigan. In order to be safe, the company decided to issue a voluntary recall of several of their products. Furthermore, they have completely ceased production in the building where the beetles were found.

The FDA has announced that the beetles found in the cans may cause discomfort, irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, and loss of appetite if ingested. As if you needed the FDA to tell you that!

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