Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote Bag, Black

Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote Bag, Black

Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote Bag, Black Rating:
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Product Description

Simplify your day with the Skip Hop Studio Tote. This little puppy does it all except change the actual diaper.


  • 14 pockets and zip-top closure
  • PVC-free, eco-friendly materials
  • Snap-down front pocket lets you stash a blanket/bib underneath
  • Hangs neatly on a stroller and can be worn over the shoulder
  • Contrasting lining makes it easy to find what you need


  1. Rating

    THis is by far the best diaper bag I’ve used. It has tons of pockets and 2 of them are insulated for liquids. It is so spacious. I actuallly use this as my daily purse even when the baby is not with me. I carry 3-4 diapers and a pack of wipes, snacks, a toy and a book, my wallet,bibs and disposable placemats a sippy cup and makeup in the top zip pocket. You can see it holds a lot!

  2. Rating

    I’ve had this bag for 2 weeks now and love it. This is my second SkipHop bag, and they do not disappoint. It has plenty of pockets, lots of room, and looks great. I like the insulated bottle/cup holders. The stroller clips on SkipHop bags are great.

  3. Rating

    I did tons of research and couldn’t decide between this bag and the Fleurville Mothership. I am SO glad I chose the Skip*Hop Studio Diaper Tote!!!!

    This bag is awesome. So many pockets – and not those small, useless pockets, either. All of the pockets are a great size and really help keep everything organized. The handles are a great length and fit nicely over the shoulder; the handle straps also stay put on my shoulder, which is important when you’re carrying a baby. The bag looks great, too. Not too fancy, but not too casual. (I have it in black) The material is soft (can’t think of a better word) so it’s easy to squeeze in to tight spaces – but yet it’s sturdy. I have a Fleurville Lexi tote and I love it, too, but that bag is kind of stiff. I think this Skip*Hop will become my everyday bag. It is a bit large – so if you’re not in to large bags this may be better as an over-night diaper bag. But I can fit everything I need in here, and have room for a book, my make-up bag, wallet, phone, and then some. I only wish they made the inside a brighter color (like the Fleurvilles, which have bright blues, greens, pinks, etc.) to add a little spunk, but who looks inside the bag anyway…

    To give you an idea of how much stuff you can put in this bag, here is what I have in it right now:

    1. 5 diapers

    2. Wipes container AND small package of face wipes

    3. 8oz bottle and 6oz bottle of water

    4. 3 pairs of baby pants

    5. 3 onesies

    6. butt paste

    7. baby tylenol

    8. large nose sucker (you know what i’m talking about!)

    9. package of boogie wipes

    10. packets of hand sani-wipes

    11. package of kleenex

    12. 3 burp cloths

    13. 3 bibs

    14. 3 small toys

    15. small baby hoodie and bib in the bottom zipper (awesome secret pocket!)

    16. wallet

    17. small make-up bag

    18. cell phone

    19. camera

    20. sunglasses with case

    21. small blanket on the outside flap

    (Don’t judge me…..I’m out of town and had to pack lots-o-stuff!)

    And there are still some pockets not in use! All this stuff is in its own pocket (except for the clothes) so it’s not all just piled in there and hard to find.

    I highly recommend this bag – I have been very impressed with it and am glad I bought it.

  4. Rating

    I did received the Skip Hop Dual Duo first,in error, but Amazon sent me the correct item and paid for all return shipping – awesome!

    I love the “purse” look of the Studio bag – I bought black. My husband is not to fond of that look but he rarely uses it so I don’t worry about it with him – we have others he can use. It is roomy and has LOTS of pockets. I can fit a ton of stuff in it! I love that it zippers on the top. I wish there was a snap or something on the flap where the diaper pad goes but I put some velcro on it and that helps. I have nothing to complain about. the ONLY small thing I can say is that it would be nice to have a longer strap or to be able to adjust the length of the straps. Overall, I LOVE this product.

  5. Rating

    I needed a new diaper bag, and did a lot of research I finally bought this bag, when it first arrived I didn’t think it would be big enough (I use cloth diapers and they take up a lot of room), but it has so many pockets the more I put in the bag the bigger it seems. love love love this bag!! defenitly worth the money!!!

  6. Rating

    At last, I’ve found my perfect diaper bag. I’ve tried many other brands (Petunia Pickle Bottom, Fleurville, OiOi, Lexie Barnes and even other Skip Hop models) only to find some important element lacking – usually lack of organization, space, style or security. But this bag has it all.

    *Two roomy external bottle pockets also fit sippies and 16 oz. thermos bottles

    *Two interior bottle pockets also fit sippies (hard to see these pockets in the Skip Hop provided photos, but they were a nice surprise)

    *Nice and roomy interior zip pocket in main compartment, large enough to fit a spare onesie, socks, and knit pants

    *Foldable changing pad which is softer nylon, not the cold cheapy vinyl Skip Hop uses in the Dash and Duo lines.

    *Large exterior pocket in the back fits coloring books and magazines, and has a magnet closure (magnet isn’t that strong, however – wish it was a snap closure instead)

    *Medium pocket in back which has antimicrobial lining. Not sure if this pocket is supposed to be for food (seems too small for use as a lunch compartment and snacks might get crushed) – it is way too big for pacifiers…would fit around 20 pacifiers though if necessary. I use it for my wallet and wristlet and hair comb. Diapers and wipes would fit here too.

    *2 front zip pockets. One on top is good size for your cell and keys. One on bottom a good size for burp cloths, bibs, travel size lotions.

    *Nickel feet on bottom – protects from wear and scuffs

    *Beautiful ribbed nylon (not sure how nylon is “eco” though) fabric. I have this bag in black and it looks sharp.

    Overall, the only thing I would change is having a snap option on the back pocket (versus magnet). That is a very minor issue compared the issues I found in other bags (poor construction, lack of interior pockets, no exterior pockets for sippies, cheap zippers, etc…). This one is a keeper, wish I had it when my second child was born a year ago!

  7. SAHM of 2 Cuties


    I purchased this bag in black and I love it!! I think it looks much nicer in person than the pictures show. It is bigger than I thought it would be which is great for me. I have a 3 year old son and 6 month old daughter so I need a large bag that holds everything I need for them but also functions as a purse. I was able to pack everything for my kids in it plus my wallet, phone, sunglasses, keys, lipgloss and mints for myself and still have room in the bag! Its great because it doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all but it has all of the orgaization and function of a diaper bag. The interior organizational pockets are great and even with them fully loaded there is still room in the main compartment of the bag unlike other bags that I have had in the past. It has heavy duty metal zippers which are similar to the ones on my Coach bags. I would highly recommend this bag to any mom that has more than one child or is an overpacker and also wants to look stylish and not carry around a “mom bag”.

  8. Lisa L. Thompson


    This is the best diaper bag I’ve tried/seen so far. My husband was irritated by the cost of it, but now that we’ve lived with it I think even he is sold on it. So much room, so many places to keep things–I love it! It stands up on its own/doesn’t tip over, the zippers are great quality, it hangs from a stroller, and it very durable.

    Here is what I don’t like about it (there always has to be a downside)

    1. The two side-pockets for bottles: it is kind of hard to get a water bottle in them because the pockets are not stretchy. You have to use two hands to get the bottle in and out, which is kind of annoying. For a baby bottle, that may not be the case since they are smaller. We don’t use baby bottles so I don’t know about that firsthand.

    2. The styling of the bag: is really nice, but not “me”. I would prefer a more natural, earthy looking bag, but oh well! Function is more important than form, in this case.

    3. The stroller clips: are kind of hard to use, but they are still good quality and work well enough.

    Great bag, however, and I recommend it.

  9. Rating

    Just used my purse as a diaper bag with my first and was always digging for the stuff at the bottom… not this time. I bought a cheaper diaper bag from the same brand at gap just before I saw this one online, it was pretty small and didn’t get nearly as good reviews on amazon so I returned it and splurged on this one. I LOVE IT. I couldn’t really tell about the color online and was a little worried that it would be space travel silver, but it’s a deeper, less shiny, and more sophisticated color than I expected and the fabric is beautiful. Plus, it fits an unimaginable amount of stuff and it’s set up in a way that you can still find all of it. I’m tempted to buy the black one too. Love love love.

  10. Rating

    I’m currently using this bag as a diaper bag on the weekend but during the week as my breast pump bag. There’s enough room to fit the breast pump, all accessories and even the large insulated breast milk carrier. Even with the breast pump, there’s still enough room for my lunch, a water bottle in the easy access outside pocket, cell phone, wallet and even some paper work. The best part of this bag is that there is absolutely no PVC so no gross odor and earth friendly. It’s a high end bag with a reasonable price. The only small complaint is the red skip hop tag on the outside which is a dead give away that it’s diaper bag…otherwise no one would have a clue.

    Update: After a month, there was a small defect in the bag. I contacted Skip Hop and they sent me a new one overnight. I couldn’t believe how great customer service was. Buy with confidence.

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