Snoopy Baby Shower and Nursery Theme Ideas

Snoopy Baby Shower and Nursery Theme Ideas

If you were ever a fan of Peanuts, your little one can share your passion for this childhood favorite too. It is never too early to start bonding with your baby and sharing your old childhood joys can be the perfect way to start.

You could even hold a Snoopy baby shower! Invitations are readily available to purchase or print featuring your favorite Peanuts characters. They can be the perfect compliment to a Peanuts themed baby room, especially if it is ready to show off to your guests! You can serve treats such as Peppermint Pattys, Linus and Lucy lemonade and chocolate Charlie Brownies! Don’t forget the peanuts of course!

There is a massive range of Snoopy baby products available from nursery decor to newborn baby clothing and accessories. Snoopy baby clothes come printed with various characters and costume style items are even available. Your little girl might appreciate a dress such as that seen on Sally or Lucy or perhaps a yellow t-shirt will delight your Charlie Brown boy!

You can make your child feel at home in their new room with a Snoopy or Woodstock plush toy. Baby nursery bedding, wallpaper and fabric can be found in a range of Peanuts prints and you can let your creativity lead the way with this theme.

There are many other themes that can be chosen, so be sure you are certain before starting to work on your theme. Scooby Doo items are also very popular and if you happen to be more of a cat person than a dog person, you may want to consider other ideas such as Garfield accessories to adorn your nursery. Remember that many characters you enjoyed as a child are likely to please your child too, so don’t be afraid to pick your favorite and see what your little one thinks!


  1. I need snoopy baby shower invitations. Do you know where I can find them? Do you have them available? Thanks.

  2. looking for baby shower invitations with snoopy theme.

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