Are Soothie Bottles BPA Free?

Are Soothie Bottles BPA Free?

Soothie is a well known brand of baby bottles produced by the company The First Years. They are a leading brand in the industry and now produce a range of BPA free products. If you are unfamiliar with BPA (Bisphenol A) it is an organic compound used to make epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastic sometimes found in baby bottle teats. It has been linked to health concerns particularly in young children but is this anything to worry about?

Soothie bottles and BPA have received a lot of panic from concerned parents however First Year goods are now widely manufactured BPA free. They do still produce products using polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins however these are approved by The United States Food and Drug Administration and are thought to be manufactured in a safe manner that poses no risk to your baby.

Bisphenol A levels are so small they should not produce any health risks for your baby. If this still concerns you try to find BPA free products. Soothie glass baby bottles can also help as a precautionary measure as BPA is thought by some to leak from plastic containers but this could be a myth. The Soothie pacifier range is now Bisphenol A free and should not cause any concern.

Soothie come in a range of either standard or colorful printed bottles and produce products suitable for all ages. Despite recent hysteria about the safety of their products, First Years are confident that their items are of the best quality. They are a leading brand in the industry and are always quick to ensure that their products are medical grade items.

It is hard to know what to think when reading reviews of Soothie bottles, however you can rest assured that such a well known brand name will not put its customers at risk. All of their products are certified and there is little evidence to suggest that any of their products have had to be recalled.

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  1. I am looking for any retail or on line that sell the soothie bottle in print designs can you tell me any other prints besides pooh bear? also is this bottle olny for newborns ? thank you

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