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Pooh Baby – A Timeless Gift

pooh baby

Every mother and father loves Pooh Baby when it comes to birthdays and baby showers. There are plenty of Pooh Baby pictures, furniture, accessories, and other Pooh Baby stuff that you can gather to create the perfect baby shower gift. If you know that your friend or family member has just moved in, they may need a lamp for the ... Read More »

Coach Diaper Bag Cake

Coach Diaper Bag Cake

There are few things more luxurious for a mom than a really nice Coach Diaper bag. But we recently came across something that’s a little more, shall we say, delicious. Check out this baby shower cake created to look exactly like a Coach Diaper Bag. It was created by a woman who had a friend that was really into designer ... Read More »

Why You Should Use a Baby Food Mill

baby food mill

There are many varieties of the baby food mill available on the market today. Whether you want a more modern version that is electrical or if you choose a manual model, this is a purchase that will save you time and money. Besides this being one of the healthiest ways to feed your baby, here are some reasons why you ... Read More »

Make a Diaper Baby for Shower Fun

diaper baby

Making a diaper baby is a fun way to get into a baby shower. This new baby shower phenomenon has been sweeping the nation as fun and crafty people make a baby out of nothing more than diapers and some baby paraphernalia. When making a diaper baby, try to remember the point of creating this little being of fresh diapers. ... Read More »

Shopping for Baby Girls Clothes

baby girls clothes

Have you ever tried shopping for baby girls clothing? If you have done that in the past, then you know how much fun this is. You might be trying to find a gift for a baby girl and want to buy some clothing. Perhaps you are asking yourself if it should be a pretty dress or a hooded t-shirt? There ... Read More »

Baby Bibs for the Everyday Toddler

baby bibs

When you think of babies you think of cuteness. But you may also think of messes. Especially if you are a parent you know what it is like to have a little one around – the messes can add up. Baby bibs add to the cute and clean up the mess. Babies eat, sleep, cry and drool. It is an ... Read More »

Benefits of the Baby Gift Basket

baby gift basket

Making a baby shower gift special can often be a challenge for an individual who has never had a child. It can also be a challenge when one does not have a close relationship with the recipient. Knowing what to purchase for an individual can be made must easier by purchasing a baby gift basket that is designed to provide ... Read More »

Preparing for the New Baby with Newborn Baby Clothes

newborn baby clothes

Getting ready for a newborn to appear and come home from the hospital involves much groundwork and shopping for goods beforehand. New and seasoned parents alike become very anxious around the last few weeks of the pregnancy. This article gives tips on how to have suitable newborn baby clothes ready for when your bundle of joy is coming home for ... Read More »

Baby Booties are Warm, So Cute and Very Stylish

baby booties

Babies, particularly very young babies, have a hard time maintaining their own body temperatures. It is therefore vital to make sure that they are kept warm, particularly in cold weather areas. By the same token, you can’t pile them high with blankets at night as experts are of the opinion this could be one of the causes of SIDS. Bundling ... Read More »

Baby Shower Gift – Some Great Tips

baby shower gift

The tradition of baby showers is long standing in the U.S. and is also becoming popular in other countries as well. The objective is to have an all-girl get-together and celebrate the new life which is about to enter the world, by giving the mom-to-be a baby shower gift. But what kind of gift should you buy and why? Let’s ... Read More »