The Benefits of a Tandem Stroller

The Benefits of a Tandem Stroller

Your baby will spend a considerable amount of time in the stroller so it is important to get this major purchase right before spending a major chunk of cash on this baby product.

The primary requirement is strength and durability. A well made stroller should be easily capable of lasting the child’s first few years without falling apart. This applies even more so to the tandem stroller since if this fails catastrophically then you have two children to transport instead of one and this means double trouble. The better tandem strollers also hold two baby seats so that you have a true method of total infant transportation.

The most obvious requirement for a tandem stroller is when you have twins but they can also be very useful for infants who are close in age. They are an excellent method of keeping your children safe and sound as well as providing comfort and warmth for the babies.

Another important consideration is the weight of the stroller – two babies are a significant weight and when added to the weight of a tandem stroller then it’s a very significant weight to negotiate around malls and parks.

Other features to look out for are the type of frame – choose metallic frames rather than plastic, which tends to look cheap and can lack in strength when compared to metal. A wide wheelbase is also an important feature since this gives the stroller much needed stability. The wide wheelbase should be accompanied by sturdy suspension and good padded seating. If the seating area also has a cover that can be removed for cleaning then so much the better since babies tend to be very messy at the most inopportune moments.

One feature of the best tandem strollers is the ability to recline each seat individually to allow one baby to be reclined without the other. It’s a rare moment if both want to sleep at exactly the same time and therefore if one can recline and sleep whilst the other remains awake, then peace is likely to result.

Other features to look out for are adjustable footrests, storage baskets and seatbelts. All these items will make your life easier. You might also consider a double umbrella stroller or double jogger stroller.

Consider carefully the type of tandem stroller to purchase. These are generally divided into three types; front and rear facing models, side by side models and the sit and stand variety.  The front and rear facing have stadium style seating and can normally accommodate detachable car seats. They can sometimes be facing each other which works well for some children and not for others. The side by side design are a good method of eliminating arguments from children about who sits in front but consider the width and therefore the reduced maneuverability and access this can give.  The sit and stand style are great for toddlers and provide a different method of transportation than the other styles.

Whatever style you choose always buy the best you can afford and make sure it meets the relevant safety standards. Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time in a stroller and you need to be happy that they will always remain safe.

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