The Best Baby Formula for Your Baby

While breast milk is always the first and best choice for any child, there are times when formula is necessary. If this is your case then you may be confused with the huge assortment that is on the market. There are many different types and each claim to be the best and have the key ingredient that will help your little one the most. It can be hard to choose the best baby formula.

best baby formulaCommercially produced infant formulas are controlled by the Food and Drug Administration. They strictly enforce how they are made. This can guarantee that it will not hurt your child and is well regulated. If there are any problems found with any product that is on the market, the FDA will make sure that the public is notified and it is pulled off of the shelves.

There are currently two different types. One is based on cow’s milk and the other is soy based. There is even a cow’s milk based one that is lactose free. Most babies do well on the milk based but the babies that are sensitive to it do well on soy based formula. Vitamins and minerals are added to each type.

Most babies are given milk based formula from the start. If they begin to have any adverse reactions then they will be switched to lactose free and then soy based. This can help babies that have reflux and are losing weight.

Most types are iron fortified. This can help babies get the necessary nutrients for normal physical and mental development. Your doctor will be able to tell you if this is the right fit for your child.

Bringing your child to regular doctor appointments will ensure that you are making the right choice. The doctor will ask you questions on how he or she is doing and will give your little one a full checkup just to be sure that they are growing alright. If there are any problems then the doctor may want to switch formulas or they may just have some suggestions for you to try.

The best baby formula really just depends on many different variables. There is not one that is perfect for every child. That is why there are so many to choose from. If there was one perfect formula for all children then there would be no need to have many different varieties.

While it is best to breastfeed, if the need arises that you need to give your child formula, make sure that you give the best baby formula that you can find. This means getting good advice from your doctor and cueing in on your little one’s needs. This way you can tell your doctor any pertinent information. Your baby deserves the best, be sure to give your baby the best baby formula you can.

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